Friday, 31 May 2013

How to Remove Ipoint Exe Error Problem

There are a good amount of Microsoft products that come with a lot of different problems. Of course, when they get it right - they really get it right. But, sometimes, it can be pretty bad when it comes to the way that some interact with the operating system. One of the more well-documented products of recent would have to be the ipoint.exe problem that has messed a few people up, and while it's generally a pretty good one, there are some people out there who have found some kind of problems with it in the past. With some information, we'll tell you how to get rid of it if you feel so inclined. What is it? The program is one that's installed when you plug a Microsoft IntelliMouse in. The purpose here is much like many of the other executable files that come along with devices like this. It provides some extra options for configuration when using your mouse, which is something that you generally always need if you like to cater your mouse to your specific tastes. Of course, this doesn't mean that you need the program, as it's only for help with a mouse, but you may want to think about how important these settings are for you. While you can always get it back when you need it, it's still something you don't have to do if you just keep it. Is It Causing Problems? If it happens to be causing you some problems, as this file has known to do in the past, you will have to take some action. Here are some common things that have been experienced because of the error:
  • Mysterious system error pop-ups
  • Browser and system freezes
  • Blue Screen of Death
  • System security service inability
  • Decrease of computer performance
  Regardless of whether your computer is saying that you need to re-install it, it's missing, or anything else, you have a few options available to you. Firstly, you can choose to remove it outright, which is something that a lot of people have done. This can be done pretty easily, by going to Add/Remove programs and using it thold fashion way. This has long solved the problem for most, although you should know that it could be indicative of something else. This other method is something that should be done even if you go the first route. The other would have to be a registry cleaner, something that has been used for quite some time for people with poor computer performance. An invalid Windows registry can contribute to a lot of system errors that you've probably never seen, and ipoint.exe could possibly be used to fix the error pretty efficiently. A fragmented registry can really decrease the performance of your computer, and the registry cleaner can quite possibly help many of the other quirks that you may have. With a good registry cleaner, you'll be able to have a stable system that is clean and absolutely devoid of errors.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Manage Your Property Online Through Lettings Agency Software

Whether you own two properties or ten, as a property manager you will have to spend lots of time advertising for vacancies, making sure that your tenants are making timely payments, handling property maintenance, conducting background checks on tenants, manage expenses and income, organize schedules for property visitation, inspection, manage and monitor development, construction, renovation and repair work on properties, etc. These jobs can be time consuming and may also require specialized accounting and communication skills apart from knowledge and experience. However, with technology advancing so rapidly, a simple tool to make things easier for you couldn't be far enough. Landlords software is a new program designed to take the load off landlords and letting agencies. This software has the ability to perform all activities related to property management. It has the ability to manage your documents online and can be used for almost all types of properties such as apartments, rental facilities, condominium buildings and commercial properties. Top Reasons Why You Should Invest In Lettings Software: Today's real estate professionals are working more effectively and efficiently only because they have discovered the benefits of lettings software. Investing in the right software will help you too to manage your properties efficiently. Some of the top reasons why you should invest in this powerful property management software are:- 1. To help you get better organised. 2. To reduce legal and accountancy expenses. 3. For accurate calculation of rental income taxes. 4. To handle landlord related problems and challenges. 5. To forecast your income. 6. To understand what rent to quote in order to make a decent profit. Advantages of Letting Agency Software: 1. Allows you to keep track of rent arrears. 2. Records rent payments made by cash, cheque or standing order. 3. Rent and bank statement. 4 Record each and every transaction related to your property. 5. Keep clear records of income and expenditures. 6. Landlords software allows you to view your own data online. 7. Helps you follow and keep track of depreciation expenses. 8. Maintains tenant contact details. 9. Pre task notification. 10. Provides research facilities. 11. Maintains general messaging logs. 12. Multiple owner handling facilities. 13. Multi-user enabled. Things to Consider While Purchasing Lettings Software: A. Price: Landlords software cost range anywhere between $50 and $10,000, depending upon the features. B. Trial version: Consider buying from an online store that offers a trial version before you make your purchases, to help you test the program. C. Money back guarantee: Consider buying the software from a store that offers money back guarantee, so that you can return the software if you aren't satisfied. Keeping the above points in mind while purchasing the letting agency software will help you make the right buying decisions. This will also ensure that the software you are ready to purchase is from a trusted source and is guaranteed to meet all your property related requirements.
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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

What Are Cookies? A Simple Guide to the EU Cookie Directive

Cookies can improve the convenience of using websites and other online services, but there have long been concerns that these files intrude on the privacy of users by allowing website owners to track their page movements and browsing habits. This data is often used to make improvements to websites, such as making navigation easier. Cookies have proven to be a contentious issue of web privacy for a number of years, and the EU's announcement of its Privacy and Communications Directive coming into effect on 26 May 2012 has many website owners concerned about the loss of traffic monitoring and other benefits offered by cookies. Meanwhile, regular web users are concerned that this may lead to more pop-ups and the need to re-type data into fields every time they visit websites, all of which would make browsing less convenient. The EU cookie directive does not ban the use of cookies, but requires that all websites that use cookies to inform users when cookies are being used on certain pages, typically in the form of pop-up windows that ask for the user's consent to store these files on their computers. Although a number of privacy groups are in favour of this decision, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has warned that this could be difficult to achieve in reality, without causing disruption to the internet user experience. There may be solutions to be found in web browsers themselves, which play a part in accessing, storing and using cookies. Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and the most recent version of Mozilla's Firefox browser already aim to protect users from services that collect browser data, and Google Chrome is also integrating a Do Not Track feature into the company's Chrome browser. A browser solution will ensure greater coherence across websites, rather than giving individual site owners the freedom to alter their approach to cookies as they see fit. The EU directive comes into effect in May, so UK companies have until then to comply and develop an effective solution. The ICO website itself offers a useful introduction and explanation to how cookies work, and lists some examples of strategies website owners could use to ensure their websites comply with the new laws. If you're concerned about your web privacy or security, or you believe companies or individuals have accessed your personal information illegally, you should bring this issue to the attention of privacy regulators or consult with one of the various solicitors in London.
Fiona Roy writes for a digital marketing agency. This article about the EU cookie directive and seeking advice from solicitors in London has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Beating Remote Control Signal Jamming

There has been a lot of hype related to so-called remote "signal jamming" in the news of late. Signal jamming refers to the shady and highly illegal practice of using a remote control device - such as the ones used to open garage doors or entrance gates - to "jam" the signal transmitted by the remote that you use to lock your car, arm its alarm, etc. The problem Let's first take a look at the technology behind it all. The hand transmitter - or remote control, as it is more commonly known - transmits a RF signal that is picked up by a receiver. The receiver, which is basically a tuned circuit, in turn converts this signal to an output which will then be used to operate a gate motor, activate a car's central locking, or whatever the case may be. In South Africa the frequency band on which all remote devices operate is 433MHz, as decided by the regulator for the South African communications sector, ICASA. This band is shared by all RF devices. As illustrated in a recent television news segment, criminals abuse this novel technology by pressing and holding their remotes at exactly the same time as an unsuspecting vehicle owner is endeavouring to remotely lock his or her car, or to arm the vehicle's alarm, and in so doing leaving the car vulnerable to intrusion. It must be remembered that the signal sent out by these transmitters is comparatively small, and can thus be swamped by interfering signals. Naturally, the raison d'ĂȘtre of remote controls is to provide the user with convenience and peace of mind, and every possible precaution has been taken to ensure that remote controls are as secure as possible, with certain gate motor manufacturers even implementing revolutionary rolling-code technology to prevent "code-grabbing", another dastardly practice favoured by modern criminals. Remote controls using rolling code technology never transmit the same signal twice, dramatically increasing the security of RF communication and rendering code-scanning devices completely useless. However, as discussed earlier, even these highly secure remotes are required to operate at a frequency of 433MHz, and as such criminals have been known to use them for signal-jamming. The Solution Most vehicle manufacturers equip their cars with some sort of confirmation signal, be it a beep, double beep or flashing of the headlights, to indicate that the vehicle in question has been securely locked or the alarm has been armed, etc. All vehicle owners are therefore advised to listen carefully for these confirmation signals before leaving their vehicles unattended. It is better to adopt a pro-active approach when dealing with this new breed of tech-savvy criminal.
Charl Mijnhardt is the copywriter for Centurion Systems, a leading South African gate automation and access control company.

Monday, 27 May 2013

How To Safeguard Your Computer Against Online Threats

Your computer is like the human body. It is susceptible to viruses, malicious codes and other threats from the cyber world that can infect and destroy its data. Cyber crime is on the rise and just like new diseases in the real world, cyber criminals and hackers engineer new viruses and programs every now and then to intrude into people's computers in order to hack and steal sensitive stored data. There is no cause for concern however as there are certain precautions you can take to protect your computer from the menace of online threats and intrusions. Antivirus - With the present technological advancement, hackers have become more malicious. They release new viruses and worms online that get installed on the computers of unsuspecting users. This leads to an epic loss of data and in worst cases results in a crash as these viruses wipe out all crucial system files from the computer. However, installing an effective antivirus program can protect your computer from these online threats. Once installed the antivirus program will automatically secure your computer by individually scanning all files and folders. If any viruses or malicious threats are detected, the antivirus program would notify you and quarantine the infected file in a safe location on your computer. Anti spyware - Spyware is one of the stealthiest online threats that quite often goes undetected by the user. Spyware are created by unscrupulous online marketers who use the program as a behavioral tracker to keep tabs on the type of websites you visit so that they can decide which product you would most likely purchase. Spyware is harmful for your computer as it changes your settings and drastically slows it down. They usually install themselves in the guise of tool-bars or enter your computer directly from certain websites. Installing Anti spyware software would shield your computer from this menace. The Anti spyware software gets activated the moment you turn on your computer and constantly monitors and scans your files and folders for any spyware that might be present. Firewall - Firewall is a basic default security setting found on every Windows supported computer. When activated, it monitors the stream of data that is relayed from the Internet to your computer and vice versa. The firewall scans all applications that are connected to the Internet and prompts you with a message if it notices a suspicious unidentified program. It is a fairly effective security measure that is best supplemented by a potent antivirus program for maximum security. In addition to the methods mentioned above, you can follow these simple precautions: -Always scan for viruses before downloading an email attachment -Never open an unknown email attachment as it could most likely be a virus -Always ensure to run a virus scan before opening or installing a downloaded file or program from the Internet. -Avoid clicking on indiscriminate pop ups that appear on your browser window. Keeping these basic preventive measures in mind, you can ensure complete protection for your computer from the peril of online threats.
Kachalla Kolomi is an Internet Marketer and Infopreneur. He has researched and written several articles in various fields. Some of his articles which are related to how to safeguard your computer against online threats can be found at one of the web's leading info websites.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

How Google Docs Works

The Concept If you say computers have revolutionized the way we create and store information, Google Docs can surely be called the next revolution. The primary objective of Google is to get rid of redundancy. Let's imagine a business teacher Jane with thirty students in her Retail Management class. She asks them to submit case studies on different retail chains. By default all 30 students will send her their case study drafts. Jane will point out areas of improvements and corrections in the files and send it back to them. This way four different copies of the same draft will get created - two with Jane and the other two with the student. Multiply that with 30 i.e. number of Jane's students and you can imagine the mess. The editing procedure will that at least one more round. Hence, Jane will end up having at least 120 (30x4) different copies leading to a lot of confusion and waste of time and energy. These online documents saves time, energy and space. It provides a platform where files can be uploaded and edited in real time. Jane can create 30 different documents for each of her students. They can upload their work in those documents. Once, they have done that Jane can read them and make changes on the very files they worked on. This way all the work will be done on one single file shared between Jane and each student. The thirty case studies will no longer lead to the creation of over 120 different files - thanks to Google Docs. Different security options provided by Google Docs will let Jane permit or prohibit the access of these documents by people other her documents. Once the assignment's deadline arrives, she can make the files visible only to herself or if she wants to a larger audience as well. Formats that Google Docs Supports When we say 'files' it may sound like we mean Microsoft Word files only, No, Google Docs supports a number of file formats. This enables different types of users including academicians, researchers, students, business partners, writers and others to create different sorts of files and make a diverse use out of the facility. Some of the formats that Google Docs supports are mentioned below. Archive file types (.ZIP and.RAR) XML Paper Specification (.XPS) TrueType (.TTF) PostScript (.EPS,.PS) Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG) Autodesk AutoCad (.DXF) Microsoft Word (.DOC and.DOCX) Tagged Image File Format (.TIFF) Adobe Photoshop (.PSD) Adobe Illustrator (.AI) Apple Pages (.PAGES) Adobe Portable Document Format (.PDF) OpenDocument Format (.ODT and.ODS) Microsoft PowerPoint (.PPT and.PPTX) Microsoft Excel (.XLS and.XLSX) Hence, whether it be simple word documents, excel sheets full of numbers, spreadsheets with past records or PowerPoint presentations, Google Docs has got it all covered in a very user friend way. Furthermore, you don't have to create a separate account for Google Docs of course. You can simply login with your Google Account and get started with it.
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Saturday, 25 May 2013

3 Tips for Google Sites

Just like any other tool, Google Sites will provide you with the maximum benefit when you know about the different options and ways that you can choose while using it. Following are three tips that will surely help you at some point in time while using Google Sites. Tip # 1 - Add a +1 Button to your Google Site Just like Facebook's 'Like' button, the '+1' Button is something that visitors at your site find very easy to use to as a feedback option. Also, new visitors will be able to see which ones of the articles on your site are better the others by seeing the number of times the '+1' button was pressed. Hence, it is highly preferable that you embed it. Following are the instructions to do so. 1. Go to 'more' and then to 'manage site' 2. Click 'site layout' and move on the bar on the left 3. Click 'add sidebar item' 4. Click 'add' right next to the '+1' button. 5. You can choose where to place the '+1' button. Drag the button the exact spot on the sidebar where you want the '+1' button to be. 6. Click 'save' to make the change permanent. Tip # 2 - How to Delete a Site There might come a point when you would want to delete a website you created on Google Sites earlier. Once you delete a page, you do have the option of recovering it. So, don't be too upset while deleting one. Following are the instructions to do so. 1. Login into the Google account that has authority of making changes to the Google Site you wish to delete. 2. Go to 'more actions' and then to 'manage site' 3. Click the 'general' option on the left bar. 4. In the menu that appears, go right at the bottom and find the option 'Delete this Site' under the heading 'Site Actions' 5. A warning will appear saying 'Really delete Restore Example?' Click on the 'delete' button in that window. Tip # 3 - A Few Google Sites Keyboard Shortcuts Professional web designers know how keyboard shortcuts are way too easier than using the mouse for different purposes. Following are a few shortcuts that will sure speed you up when working on Google Sites. The keyboard shortcut feature is by default switched on. If you somehow cannot use it, it might be possible that the option has not been enabled for some reason. To enable it, follow the steps below. 1. The page has a icon at the top. 2. Click the 'user settings' option. 3. Tick the check box titled 'enable keyboard shortcuts'. 4. Save the changes you made.
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Friday, 24 May 2013

Versatility of Windows Server 2008

Due to an advanced and highly demandable server provider Windows is providing best class services and tools to the users around the globe. The Windows servers are developed with the motive of making the business operations more efficient and productive and can be easily handled by the administrator. The Windows server 2008 version is developed for the web and virtual technology as well. The security level of this server is very high and it offers reliability and effective usage measures to the clients. It makes the company's server management process strong and smooth. It is very useful for the business processes and enhances the server workload. The windows server management has now become very easy. The high demand by the users today has developed it dynamically strong. These families of Windows servers are made for the internet and contain various programs which help the client to develop safe web apps as well as solutions. In comparison with the previous versions the Windows server management is filled with the advanced security measures and has a high protection against software non functioning issues. It also prohibits the unauthorized access to the server and other network data. Another internal function in Windows server 2008 checks if any computer is abide by the predefined policies or not. It also has a safety mechanism for the database systems with encryption and read only restrainers. About the 2008 server version with this the server management becomes lighter allowing only the required tools installation. The user should have the essential knowledge of the shortcut ways to read the system so as to minimize the time and server issues. The server management is a continuous process and it also requires IT support if any network issue happens. The servers need time to time updates and maintenance because usage of the Internet is high in different business organizations. In this case it is very important that the monitoring support provider is quick, reliable and active all the time in order to prevent any hassle causing downtimes. Some aspects that should be kept in mind while going for an efficient server management services provider like what support features are offered by them. It happens sometimes that very strong servers led to crashes and cause heavy downtime for the business process. Hence it is good to choose a good service package with quick response time for the support tickets assigned. The support engineers should be very professional and able enough to quickly troubleshoot the problems.
Annant Kumar Singh is working as a Digital Marketing Executive in ProVal Technologies. It is providing server management and IT support to its clients and work as their own IT department. It gives a free and relaxing atmosphere by taking charge of the technical issues proactively.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Basics About Google Sites

As Stephen Covey says, inter-dependence is the state with which the human race can benefit the most. It seems that the creators of Google Sites something close to this idea in their minds when inventing this. The regular users find a number of benefits of using it for different purpose. It will be easier to understand for those who have use Google Docs. Just like the Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other types of files can be uploaded and edited in real time and be readily put to be viewed by the intended audience, Google Sites enables users to make and edit web pages in a very user friendly way. Who can use Google Sites? Just like Google Docs, Google Sites too has a very diverse range of ways it can be used in. Some of the ways are mentioned below. Commercial Use Yes, if you are selling something online, you need a proper website or webpage where you can showcase the product or service for sale. Google Sites has sufficient number of features that allow you to display the things for sale in a clear yet attractive way. Intra Business Use Communication within the employees of the organization is a very critical thing to handle. Although grape vine can be sufficient for small organizations, medium and larger organizations need a proper platform to share the latest updates and other data. Google Sites proves as a very efficient platform where updates and editing old data is just a few clicks away. Personal Use Personal blogs are something that is exponentially growing all over the internet. Almost every other person has a blog. For most of them uploading new blog posts isn't much of a problem but when it comes to editing, deleting or managing older posts, things can get a little tricky. This where Google Sites helps out not just amateur bloggers but also those who wish to try a hand at maintaining a proper website. Privacy One of the best things about Google Sites is that unlike most websites, it gives the owner of the website the option to permit or prohibit specific people from accessing it. Features There are a number of features that users can embed in one of these website which make it more effective. Some of them are: User friendly Options - in order to customize your website you don't need to know HTML. All you have to do is click buttons here and there and viola! You're done! Customization - There are a number of templates and themes that enables you to shape the website they way you want it. Types of Pages - Your Google website does not have to look like a web page. It can look like a file cabinet, a dashboard or even a notice board. Google Apps - All Google Apps can be embedded in a website built this way and therefore can make it much more valuable. Google Search - The Google search tab that allows users to search for content within your website can also be included.
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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Difference Between Netbooks and Laptops

In early 08 laptop computers seemed to dominate the market for a portable computer, until they faced a new competitor: the netbook. A smaller, more compact, version of the laptop basically. The main difference between laptops and netbooks is size. A laptop is usually the bigger and less portable version of the two, sometimes may require to be plugged in for power (which is a horrible disadvantage) but, of course, laptops feature more power, and in turn, you can do a lot more stuff with them. From hardcore gaming, to website design, to small stuff like browsing and writing an essay in word. Depending on the specs in the laptop you have you can usually do all of these activities. The netbook, is small and more compact version of the laptop BUT features less power unfortunately. In turn, you can't do as much with them, they are more for the "college student" someone who needs something for the basic functions of a computer. Such as internet browsing, uploading photos, and listening to music. There a couple of other types of products which I believe are in the "portable computer" category. You have of course laptops and netbooks but there is also notebooks and ultra-mobile PCs. But we will be sticking to the basics in this article, laptops and netbooks. What's the difference you ask? Are the terms well defined, are they interchangeable? Well that really depends on who you ask, I mean to someone a puddle might be a pond. But in this occasion I believe a netbook is a netbook and laptop is a laptop! But anyway this brings us back to the main topic, the difference between laptops and netbooks. Like I said, the main one is size which most people use to recognize each. In general laptop computers will be larger than netbooks. In weight and size, laptops are usually bigger. Usually laptops will be the more expensive and powerful out of the group, netbooks are used more as "side computers" not really used as main computers for the whole household. I would recommend having a powerful desktop PC for the whole household, and maybe everyone having their own personal netbook for anything they want to do on the move. As the price on netbook is usually very affordable, you can supply the whole family with one. I believe you can get a quality netbook for around 200$-300$.
During my quest for the perfect netbook I came upon 2 amazing products which really took the cake, and if one doesn't fit you the other will. My first choice was the Toshiba NB505-N508BL Netbook, with the awesome battery life and 250 GB hard drive this was the one I went with. But a close second was the Acer Aspire One Happy2, with 4 hours battery life but a lot of extra features. Such as Windows® 7 Starter and Office Starter 2010. Check out my full review of both at the links above.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Step-By-Step Tutorial: How to Upload a Video to YouTube?

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a company or an individual who want to upload videos for the world to see, then YouTube is the place you should go. With the skills on how to upload a video to YouTube, you can make your videos available to a world-wide audience. YouTube ( is a site that you can upload your videos for free and that receives billions of hits each day. How does it affect you? If you are a business, again a one-person business or an organization, you have an excellent opportunity to market your products and services. Want to use YouTube only for personal reasons? That is possible too; you can post a video, say of your travel to an exotic location or of your birthday party. What's more, you can make your video private so only those you invite, for example your family or friends, can view the video. IMPORTANT: Upload a video to YouTube only if you own the copyright to the video. Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Upload a Video to YouTube 1. Create an account with YouTube. TIP: If you have a Gmail account you can use it to login into YouTube. 2. Login to YouTube. 3. Click Upload. The Upload video files page displays. 4. Click Select files from your computer. The File Upload dialog displays. NOTE: One of the salient features of YouTube is that it accepts videos in a wide range of formats. Examples of these are MOV, WMV, AVI and MP4. The only thing you have to make sure is that your video file size does not exceed the limit set by YouTube. TIP: You can upload HD videos that are of duration equal to or less than 15 minutes. 5. Select the video file you want to upload and click Open. YouTube displays the Uploading video page, begins uploading your video and shows how much it has uploaded in the progress bar. After the uploading is complete, YouTube displays the Upload complete message. That's it! You have just uploaded your first video to YouTube for the world to see. 6. Click Watch to view the video you just uploaded. TIP: As, in general, the attention span of viewers is less, make your videos clear and concise. Such an approach helps attract and sustain the interest of the viewers. If relevant, add voiceover and or music to your video. These multimedia elements can enhance the value of your video.
If you are a YouTube beginner, the How to Use YouTube Tutorials - PLR Pack, with its tutorials in DOC and PPT format, can give you an excellent overview of the basics of how to use YouTube.

Monday, 20 May 2013

NetApp and Metered Storage - How to Cut Storage Costs by Only Paying for What You Use

There's no way round it: you have to store your data. What's more, you have to do so securely and in a way you can retrieve it easily. And you need to do this for as reasonable a price as possible. If you use traditional methods of data storage, you'll know the problems:  
  • High running costs
  • A lot of time spent on management and admin
  • Significant expense when you require extra storage capacity
  Traditional data storage isn't cheap or easy Operating your own storage hardware isn't cheap or easy. You have to budget well in advance for potential capital expenditure. You also have to predict the growth of your data. This can be tricky. If your expansion is greater than you forecast, you have to spend time organising additional storage hardware at short notice. What you should be doing instead, of course, is focusing on your new customers. Metered storage is the answer NetApp metered storage resolves these problems. Rather than struggle with in-house hardware, you can use a data storage service based on a pay per GB (gigabyte) meter. You lease storage as and when you need it. When you choose a NetApp data storage solution, you benefit from: · A price per GB of data · Monthly billing for the storage you use above your committed amount · Extra storage when you want it · Built-in upgrades Metered storage set-up Set-up is simple. Because you lease your data storage, you don't have the headache of buying and installing hardware. Support, software subscriptions and installation are included in your monthly bill. The switch to NetApp metered storage is straightforward. Once you make the move, you have a flexible leasing solution ready to adapt to increased demand. You no longer have to plan your data storage needs in advance. You don't have to invest capital in storage hardware. With NetApp data storage, you eliminate risk NetApp data storage is secure. Thanks to NetApp Snapshot, you can have instant backup copies. This service has a negligible effect on storage costs and performance. NetApp also gives you peace of mind with SnapMirror. You can protect against disaster with rapid, simple data recovery for systems in multiple locations. NetApp metered storage cuts costs NetApp metered data storage cuts costs by allowing you to pay for what you use and no more. It reduces your redundant data with a 50% deduplication guarantee for VMWare. This reduces storage costs even further. And it offers complete security. NetApp is well worth your consideration. In the meantime, you could be wasting time and money...
Steve Denby is Sales Director at LETN Ltd. Based in Reading, Berkshire, UK, LETN design and implement cost efficient infrastructure solutions using Leading Edge Technology. Steve Denby passionately believes that the path to true business efficiency and competitive edge lies in the adoption of Leading Edge Technology.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Managed Services Model: Benefits and Drawbacks To Usage

A managed services model is being approached by increasingly more business owners because they do not have the precious time nor means to manage the many facets of the business. By simply finding a managed services provider, they can focus on their main goals, although allowing somebody else will handle various other tasks in their company. So what is a managed services model? It's where a vendor will take complete accountability of a range of deliverables on a certain project. Due to this, the vendor will have complete management regarding utilizing the best decisions inside the project's guidelines. This means that a company manager will need to believe in the professional they hires in order to manage a particular part of their business without actually worrying that things won't set off according to the plan. When committing to a managed services provider, the budgets can sometimes become calculated for a period of time between half a year and up to 5 years. There are also projects where the payment will certainly be a fixed one and in this kind of design the supplier might be able to opt for the people he or she will work with to deliver the project as well as have management on the time in which everything shall be geared up. In these projects though you'll find potential risks, considering that the vendor might decide to have distributed resources allocated that will overall bring about delivery complications to appear. Needless to say the seller should have a great comprehension of the customers' systems and the client may as mentioned previously, have to rely on the seller greatly. Like several different kinds of expertise, you'll find Advantages where there are also Cons of any managed services model. Advantages: Because of the fact that another person or multiple persons will take care of specific duties within the customer's business, the business owner will be able to look at more important projects inside their own company. Choosing a supplier is an effective decision because they are much more independent and they will hardly ever trigger any kinds of interferences When it comes to knowledge retention it easily becomes more sustainable and at the same time more streamlined Using their best practices delivered to the task on hand, vendors should be able to make necessary developments Using a SLA method the customer's company can be let in on significant added benefits Downsides: Sometimes suppliers will dislike presuming additional management tasks A massive lack of knowledge amongst both sides can be produced because of culture mismatch which will eventually impact the deliverables There are numerous circumstances when the suppliers might be struggling to understand the goals of the client's company that can in the end lead to significant challenges Occasionally you'll encounter a number of vendors employed which means while you may handle the Infrastructure, the other can deal with the applications. In these events, blame games can be very prevalent with each supplier hesitant to suppose liability in case of failure. A managed services model is an established design and those that possess a business and want to improve its performance and also profitability, should choose an expert provider to cater to their demands. It's going to be worth the effort.
Joseph Santos is an IT consultant living in Austin, Texas. He has over 12 years of experience with information technology in various industries. He works for an IT consulting firm in Austin, Texas. For more articles, please visit his company's website =>

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Simulating a Cisco Network

Testing remote connectivity options is usually more challenging than testing the local area network. Remote connectivity frequently involves the use of transmission devices that are not owned or managed by the client. These devices are generally not available to the network administrator for testing purposes. Consequently, the network tester must find ways to test the proposed network plan without having access to the actual transmission devices. The designer can use the following techniques to test remote connectivity designs: 1.simulation, 2. software, 3. Prototype testing using simulated links, 4. Pilot testing in the actual environment. Simulated environments can offer a way to test device configuration and operation. After the design is tested in the simulated environment, remote connectivity can be additionally tested in a trial installation. Network Simulation Software Computer applications offer the designer many tools for testing configurations before implementing them on actual devices. The benefits of using this approach are: 1. Lower cost: Prototype nets are expensive to create and maintain. Networking device configuration options change often. Therefore, maintaining a test environment up-to-date can be challenging, 2. Flexibility: Simulation applications can support several different kinds of devices and connectivity options. Changing configurations and topologies is generally much quicker and easier in a simulation environment, 3. Scalability: Creating a large or complex net in a lab environment is inefficient, 4. Control: The simulation software allows the network administrator to control the entire net operation better. Also the network architect can control the types of traffic to send across the net and the rate at which the traffic is sent. The architect can also stop the simulation to capture and inspect TCP/IP packets at several points in the network. Unfortunately, simulation software programs have a few disadvantages: 1. Limited functionality: simulation software programs can quickly become out-of-date. Moreover, the software may not support all the capabilities of the actual equipment, 2. Unrealistic performance: It is not easy for the software programmers to simulate all of the conditions that can happen in a real network. Consequently, relying on performance observations obtained from simulation software is not accurate. Despite the above disadvantages, using simulation computer applications to test the networks is an excellent way to uncover design errors. Along with network simulation software, other techniques are available to check remote connectivity in a test environment. Practically all WAN devices need an intermediary device to convert the WAN signals to either serial or Ethernet signals at the client premise. These devices include numerous categories of modems and CSU/DSUs. An exception to this rule is Ethernet, which does not require an intermediary device. Simulating a DSL or Cable Connection To simulate a DSL or cable wide area network connection, an Ethernet link can be used. The routers can be connected with an Ethernet crossover cable. Routing protocol metrics can be configured to simulate the metrics of a lower-speed connection by using the bandwidth command on the interface. Static route options can be manually configured by modifying the administrative distance assigned to the network path. This is something that you can easily do on all the Cisco routers.
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Friday, 17 May 2013

Tips for Switching Over to a Cloud Infrastructure

With the growing popularity of cloud infrastructures on the market, more people are looking to explore these revolutionary systems for their company. While these systems had a few errors at first, many of the initial problems faced are no longer a concern, it is important to consider the following tips. For this process, one needs to understand that in most cases, a cloud service will not be backed up or redundant. Which means backups would have to be handled on the company's end if not by their managed service provider. However, after the Amazon outage that shut down companies for almost 48 hours earlier this year, cloud infrastructures have greatly improved. Resilient architecture has been introduced which ensures there is a reduction in the amount of service interruption users will experience. For this approach to be effectively handled, the user of the cloud service will need to be sure they are implementing the upgrade services and features that improve the operation of these items. These items will help ensure the infrastructure remains load balanced and that in the event of an outage, a different zone can be accessed temporarily. There is also the concern of bandwidth issues. To help offset this, some companies are turning to other servers and data centers to help them distribute the information needed and to run applications on their cloud infrastructure. This improves overall performance and ensures their end users are getting a system setup that is going to meet their needs. Keep in mind that there are private and public clouds as well. What users find is that these private clouds with less bandwidth limitations are going to be a more effective solution for most businesses. Additionally, one will find that the security on the private clouds is expected to greatly increase during the course of 2012. During this time, companies will find plenty of options to choose from when they are ready to take the plunge as well. Weigh the pros and cons - while working with a startup cloud services provider offers some risks, well-established companies could have their own issues too, such as overcapacity. Before you move forward with any cloud infrastructure, the best choice is to fully understand what you should expect from them. Check into guaranteed transfer speeds, bandwidth and the uptime for these clouds. With that information, determine what your overall needs are going to be and compare it to the options you have. By keeping these simple things in mind, you will greatly reduce the risks of ending up with a cloud infrastructure filled with bugs and headaches.
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Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Benefits of Being Able To Record With a DVR Security Camera

A DVR Security Camera is a shortening of the phrase "Digital Video Recorder", and so in essence is very similar to the TiVo box on your TV. These represent a considerable enhancement over past video recording technology which would have had to have been recorded to analog tapes. Not only in the fact that the quality of the recordings is considerably enhanced, but also in the fact that whereas previously you may have required football pitch sized warehouse to hold all of the backup tapes for the times that you needed to store. With DVR Security Systems that is a moot point, because the recordings are either recorded directly to a massive hard drive which can hold hundreds of hours of recordings, or they are routed to a box which connects directly to a cloud storage setup on the web, which can hold an infinite amount of hours! The other big benefit to this is that whilst analog tapes can and do corrode over time, that the same is not true of digital recordings. If you go back to look at the recordings in ten days or ten years then with a DVR Security Camera having done the recording you can feel reassured that it will look exactly the same. However with analog tapes you have to be mindful of such factors as how the tapes are stored, whether the conditions are damp, and how closely packed together the tapes are in the warehouse. And on top of all that you have to find the tape in the first place! Which if it was from many years ago (possible with certain types of government surveillance of buildings for example, because they may want to store recordings for years) then you could well have to spend an entire day simply hunting for the right time segment. However, when the recordings are stored digitally, all of these problems evaporate, because you can simply search in the same way that you might search on Google for the clip and find it in seconds. The image quality is a big benefit of DVR Security Cameras over their analog brothers, because whilst some government departments might keep tapes for years. In practice with most commercial uses for security cameras, it used to be the case that there would be a set of tapes in constant use, with one for each day of the week, one to record the end of the week and one to record each month. And these would then be recorded over time and time again in a rolling fashion, the effect of which would be to gradually lessen the recording quality of the recordings, and also place a burden on the mechanic of the machine. This is yet another problem that disappears as you move over to a DVR Security Camera System and are able to record digitally, without quite so many points of failure and with the ability to immediately find the security clip that you need.
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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fake Flash Memory Product Testing

Over the years, fake flash memory products have caused numerous headaches. From USB drive or memory card errors, to corrupt data and eventual data loss, fake flash memory's global economic impact is something to take seriously. As any flash product can be faked or manufactured using low quality, failure-prone memory, it is necessary for consumers to prevent becoming a victim of lost data from the get go. The moment a consumer uses a flash memory product for the first time, they should be very clear of the flash's overall health and reliability. A simple yet very efficient way of analyzing a flash memory's health that industry insiders and consumers alike can use is the H2TestW burn in testing program. The H2 program was written by a German programmer for c't Magazin, is quite small in size, does not need to be installed, and includes English language support. What H2 effectively does is "burn in" data to the flash memory. Once H2 is open and the proper drive has been selected, the program automatically detects the Operating System recognized storage capacity of the flash. If it has been set at a fake capacity, this fake capacity is what H2 recognizes. Say for example a low quality flash product of 2GB, or a 512MB product that has been set at a fake capacity of 2GB, in both cases, H2 detects the storage capacity of 2GB. Afterwards when H2 has started, it will successfully burn in 2GB worth of its own generated data into the flash. The next step is the crucial one, which is data verification. The data that is now stored, is then verified by H2. In the case of the low quality flash used, the H2 program will recognize the many bad sectors of the memory as the data will have errors when being verified. In the case that the memory has been set at a fake capacity, as soon as the data for the actual real capacity has been verified, any data H2 is trying to verify afterwards will end in error. For example, after 512MB worth of data has been verified, the data from 512MB to 2GB will all produce errors. In both cases, the H2 window interface will turn pink and display "The media is likely defective". If H2 says the media is likely defective, then basically there is no point in using an unreliable form of storage that will eventually lead to data loss. For more info on the wonderful H2 burn in testing program, do an online search for "H2TestW" and read the countless praises for this secret weapon against the fake flash memory industry. For a How To Guide on H2, have a look at our very own YouTube video tutorial
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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A Nanny Camera Gives a Sense of Safety for Your Children

The popularity of a nanny camera has steadily risen. With the increased need of two income families, the need for reliable baby sitter and nannies has increased. This is the reason for the increase in use of these cameras for the home. The use of a nanny camera gives parents a sense of security and safety for their children. Concealed nanny cameras for video surveillance are legal in all fifty states. Using one with audio capabilities should be used with caution. The legality of audio recording without permission can create legal difficulties. A nanny camera can be hidden in many different ways. They are available disguised as clock radios, computer speaker and other small items that are routinely found in the home. A nanny camera can be used discreetly and are difficult to detect. A newer nanny camera can have DVD capabilities that allow the homeowner to view the day's happenings without the aid of additional devices. Older cameras for the home may need to be hooked up to a DVD or other device to view. The confidence that a child is being safely cared for is very important to the parent. The media have reported on many instances of child abuse that have been documented with these cameras. The evidence of abuse has been used in court cases against the nanny. There are several opinions on whether or not the nanny should be alerted as to the use of a nanny camera. One theory is that if the nanny knows that there are hidden cameras in the home, she or he would be less likely to mistreat a child. The other opinion is that it should be confidential. The issue that is voiced with the confidentiality issue is that it does not prevent abuse, but merely documents it. Both sides have valid issues. A nanny camera is a valuable tool to use to protect children. If abuse is suspected, the video is proof of that abuse. It will show neglect as well as overt abuse such as spanking, pinching or excessive scolding without the use of audio. If prevention is the primary reason for a hidden camera of this kind, it may be advisable to inform the nanny or babysitter that there are cameras in use. Valuable information is available on the internet. A search for different types of cameras and the many different reasons to have them in the home will provide the consumer with a large number of options as to prices and styles that can be used to suit the needs of the family. If research is done before purchase, it can be a rewarding experience.
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Monday, 13 May 2013

The Best Cameras for Independent Film Makers

DSLR cameras are all the rage for indie film makers. These cameras can be programmed to produce a film-like image with great depth of field that makes the subject look sharp and pop out against the soft, blurred background. Unfortunately, these cameras have several limitations, namely, no way to monitor the video on a video screen and the camera at the same time, and the 12 minute per clip limitation of continuous video (OK, that one's not too limiting to a film maker). The real problem is the poor on-board audio system. DSLR's don't have professional XLR inputs or even a headphone jack to monitor the audio, and there's no means of defeating the AGC (which creates added hiss to low volume sounds). The solution is to use a separate 300 dollar digital recorder, which seems like an easy fix. Until you get into the editing room. Since the audio is on a second system, it is not synchronized to the video. If you don't sound slate each scene, it becomes difficult to match the audio and video in post. Don't laugh, I've edited many other's projects who's crews failed to do this properly, or not at all. Now, let's suppose your audio person is new at the job. He or she may forget to start the recorder properly. Some recorders require a double press of the record button, and not too close in succession, or the recording won't start even though the red light is on, the meters are going and there is sound in the headphones. Again, stop laughing, because I've seen this happen too often. Another problem comes when the audio person forgets to turn OFF the recorder, and lets it roll into the next scene. Scene four and five are now on the same file. The video editor sees the file and matches it to scene four. OK. Then he looks for the next file in succession to be scene five. Naturally. But it isn't. The next file is scene six because scene five is at the end of scene four's file and it was never logged that way. Sounds like not too much of a hassle until you realize an average feature film can contain 4000 of these scenes and perhaps hundreds of errors like the one's I mentioned. Again, keep the laughter down. It happens often. Now the worst is when the audio tech hits the button to stop, but it keeps going, and the next take, he hits it again thinking it's going, but it is now stopped. This cycle may repeat several times before the tech realizes he or she is off cue. And they're not going to embarrass themselves in front of sixteen actors and crew members by asking for retakes of the last eight scenes. Stay in your chair, because all of these things happened on the last feature film I put together when the producer used students to shoot the scenes. I solved the problem by using the good video take and matching it with a previous take's audio. In most situations, this is difficult to do and get it right. Even when it all goes right, the added editing time syncing 4000 audio files with 4000 video files adds up to months. And that's if nothing goes wrong. Now I didn't even mention the takes with static because someone used a cheap mike directly on the camera with that little tiny audio connector, and didn't hear it because there's no place to plug in headphones. And I will not bother mentioning mishandling boom poles or bad mike placement, because these can happen with any audio system, either first or second. These problems are all easy to prevent simply by using the right equipment for the job. So what does one do if they have a heavy investment in a DSLR or two? Well, you have to weigh the cost of the equipment against the cost of time and see what works best for you. If you haven't purchased your camera yet, you can get a true broadcast camera from Panasonic for about the same price as the DSLR. It will also shoot 24P will have XLR mike inputs so your audio is synced with the video on the same file, saving months of editing time. The trade off - you'll give up some (but not all) of that nice depth of field and you might not be able to changes lenses (although most times you won't need to). But you'll get a crisper image and have no 12 minute time limit per clip. A few companies have recently produced full feature video cameras made specifically for the indie film maker that offer all of the audio and video advantages of a DSLR and a broadcast video camera combined into one. These cameras produce those luscious soft backgrounds behind the sharp subject that film makers love so much from their DSLR's. In addition, the image is more refined, the camera is easier to control and the image has less digital artifacts than a DSLR. Expect to pay a premium for these models, but you'll save months of time in the editing suite and end up with a better looking film than a DSLR or broadcast video camera can provide. Of course, it goes without saying that the best camera is useless in the hands of an inexperienced DP. Contrarily, a lower priced camera in the hands of an experienced DP can yield an acceptable result. So why not stack the deck in your favor with good experience AND good equipment? If you're lucky, you'll have one of each type of camera at your disposal, because each one adds an advantage of it's own in certain situations. Fine Art Film Works uses several types of cameras so a producer can choose the best camera for each scene. Rick Bennette is a 27 year veteran independent film maker. He has owned and operated a video production facility since 1985 in Connecticut and South Florida. Currently, Rick provides video services for the independent film industry, actors auditions and demo reels as well as tape to DVD video conversion services. In addition, Rick is a published author and screen winter. His web sites include

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Trends Of Toner Cartridge and Ink Cartridge

Two reports were recently released by the digital imaging authority Lyra Research that detailed information about an analysis and forecast data for the market in the area of digital imaging supplies. The findings that were published in these reports from Lyra utilize findings that were originally published in the first-half of 2011 Hard Copy Supplies Advisory Service Forecast 360. The two reports are the Worldwide Laser Toner Cartridge Forecast 2008-2015 and the Desktop Ink Jet Cartridge Forecast 2008-2015. The Worldwide Laser Toner Cartridge Forecast, 2008-2015 explains how the bottom out occurred in the laser printer market. Sales will continue to grow in prospective markets and pick back up in the year 2011. This growth in hardware sales will cause a significant boom in the demand for those who need to get a laser toner cartridge. The change is also expected to expand to color output devices and cartridge shipment with the ability to handle print jobs that have high-volume needs. The overall increase is expected to grow from 379 million per year in 2010 up to 445 million in 2015, with the largest growth in Asia Pacific and Latin America. The Worldwide Desktop Ink Jet Cartridge Forecast, 2008-2015 takes a look at the past two years and how the ink cartridge market has been impacted by the recession. Reasons for this include using WiFi networks, different printing habits of computer users and utilization of screen based devices. The shipments are expected to grow, especially as users gravitate away from printers that use tricolor cartridges and select higher-quality ones that require an individual ink cartridge for each color. The prices of the cartridges are expected to fall, but the revenue will rise with the increase in sales from #29 billion in 2010 up to $33 billion in 2015. The largest increase in sales will be similar to the laser toner predictions, with the largest growth in Latin America and Asia Pacific and smaller growth occurring in Europe and the United States. The recession was able to impact the ink cartridge market just like it did with many other markets. Larry Jamieson, a senior analyst at Lyra Research, also noted that other changes including "changes in printer-user habits, resulting from forces such as MPS engagements, WiFi networks, and greater use of mobile devices and screen-based applications" contribute to the changes in the market and predictions. It doesn't mean that the market is completely dead, and the reports show that expectations for the imaging supplies market will lean towards a modest but steady growth rate fueled by the general shift of consumers towards color output devices.
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Saturday, 11 May 2013

How to Best Use a Spy Camera

At one time, the only place a spy camera would be noticed is in a movie or on a television show. It is not that world any longer. Small spy cameras are available for all citizens to buy and put to use in their homes, their business, loved ones, or on their properties. By implementing digital recording devices, we can be assured that the family and belongings are safe. A spy camera is not used exclusively by law enforcement. It can be used in children's rooms, entry areas or common areas when the homeowner is not at home. Some of the digital technology will allow the owner to watch from their computer while on vacation or at work. The new digital technology provides owners with the ability to have clear images. Some are equipped to respond to remote commands such as zoom, pan and tilting. This allows the owner to choose the view desired. Spy cameras with recording devices are useful in the baby nursery, swimming pools and in your office. These capabilities are especially useful if the camera has audio features. Live broadcasting can keep the baby safe and the swimming pool safe. In a place of business, the audio capabilities of the spy camera can be helpful if there is the need to fire an employee after there have been reported problems with the employee. This becomes evidence and can help to prove a case if taken to court or the labor board. With a spy camera, in your business the ability to observe activities in the stock area, cash register and other places that are prone to unwanted misbehavior. Caution should be used with these hidden cameras used in the home as a nanny cam. If the camera records sound as well as picture, the nanny needs to be informed. There are some states that consider the voice recording as an invasion of privacy but allows video without informing the nanny. Parents often tell the nanny that they are recording activity in an attempt to prevent abuse of the child. A spy camera is often used to prove infidelity. Portable, battery operated cameras can be taken to any place that the owner chooses to prove their case. Small cameras can be incorporated into an alarm clock in the bedroom, computer speakers or as a book on the shelf. Whatever the need for small spy cameras may be, there is one that will fill your needs without breaking your budget. Prices depend on the size and the capabilities of the camera. There are cameras that are weather resistant for outdoor use. Some have extremely sophisticated features that will allow email alerts if there is any unwarranted activity. In larger homes and businesses, the use of a multi-camera setup may be called for. All of these are available. The use of a spy camera helps to keep family and property safe. Law enforcement and government spy agencies are not the only organizations that can utilize this camera technology.
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Friday, 10 May 2013

Desktops and Servers

Nowadays, there are various types of computers available. The most important are the mainframes, the servers, the desktops, the workstations, the laptops and finally the handheld devices. Every single computer has been designed for a specific purpose. Mainframes for example, have thousands of processing units and they are used for simulation purposes and for solving very complicated problems. Common users and businesses use workstations, servers, desktops, laptops and other handheld devices. As mentioned earlier, mainframes are large centralized computer systems found in large enterprises or research institutions. Servers are high performance computers systems mostly used in companies. Servers deliver services to several users. These special computers are optimized for responding fast to multiple network tasks. Usually they have more than one Central Processing Unit (CPU), large amounts of Random Access Memory (RAM) and several hard disk drives that offer fast information retrieval. The services that a server is offering are always very important and need to be available to employees at all times. For that reason, servers contain duplicate and redundant components to prevent them from failing. These computers are generally kept in secure locations where access is controlled. It is possible for a server not to have a monitor or a keyboard. This happens because this device is used as a storage point and not as an everyday end-user device. Active directory, email, file and print sharing are common services found on a server. Desktops have several capabilities and can be used for many things. There is a huge variety of cases, hard drives, motherboards, memory, video cards, monitors, power supplies and other peripherals. Desktops computers have various different connection types and support millions of peripherals. These computers are usually used to run software programs like office applications and web browsing. There is a different type of computer that might look like a desktop, but it is much more powerful: This computer is called "workstation". Workstations are more expensive than desktops and mostly used by businesses. They are optimized for particular, high-end applications like designing programs such as Photoshop. Workstations can be used in graphics design, virtual reality simulation as well as video animation. Workstations usually have several Central Processing Units, a lot of RAM and many fast hard disk drives. Most workstations have very powerful graphics cards and large high resolution monitors. Mainframes, desktops, servers, and workstations play a very important role in modern life. The world would be a much different place without them.
Manolis Skoras is a Cisco, Microsoft and HP Certified Trainer and systems-network engineer. Recently he created a site about IT Certifications to help his students and people around the world to better understand the material they will be tested on, thus having greater success rates. Check Certify4Sure today!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Top 3 Industry Trends for Electronic Components and Equipment Companies

There are two main categories of components and these can be broken down into active components and passive components. An active component will rely on a source of energy and can usually give power to a circuit. This can include amplifying components such as vacuum tubes (valves), tunnel diodes and transistors. The passive components, as the name points to, cannot give or introduce power into the circuit they are attached or connected to. As such, they cannot increase the power of a signal by themselves. Some of the more interesting trends for electronic components have been rising in popularity over the last few years and include: 1. A printed circuit, or printed circuit board (PCB), which is a thin plate on which chips and other electronic components are placed on. A PCB is made of conducting components, inductor contacts, resistors and capacitors. You can find PCB's in computers, which usually have one or two boards, or cards. As more and more people use computers, this is an electronic component that continues to grow in the areas of technology and information. 2. The manufacture of bare printed circuit boards is also a very big industry these days, especially in China, where many of them are produced. Establishments that are based abroad commonly manufacture printed circuit boards as well as specialized electrical components. Bare, also known as rigid or flexible, circuit boards do not have mounted electronic components. As such, companies need to print, plate, screen, or photoprint various paths for electrical currents on separate laminates. 3. Electronic connectors are the last trend that can be seen in both the United States and industries found abroad. These connectors consist of a wide variety such as coaxial, cylindrical, rack and panel, printed circuit and fiber optic. One drawback to the changing technologies is that many connectors become obsolete, making them hard to find for older electronics. However, various online companies and manufacturers specialize in specific connectors and parts and can help you with your search. In today's modern world, it would be impossible to live without any of these electronic components. They are found in almost every PC part and are the fundamental building blocks of electrical and electronic circuits and you will also encounter circuits on motherboards, hard disk logic boards and video cards. Electronic components can also be used and combined with each other and a few of the more well-known components include inductors, resistors, and transformers.
As our technology continues to advance, you are sure to see even more trends for electronic components.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hidden Cameras Used in the Home

Hidden cameras have increased in value and the technology behind them. The proper use of the hidden cameras for home will notify the owner of all happenings in their home when they are out of the home. In addition, some want to know what their spouse is doing during their absence. Others will use these cameras to see how a babysitter or nanny is taking care of the children. One of the most critical decisions is where to put the cameras. They will need to put them in a safe place and one that will not be discovered. In the living room, the cameras can be placed in a flower pot, on a curtain rod or utilize a throw pillow or stuffed animal. Using items that are in the living room already will make the hidden cameras less obvious. A babysitter that works on a regular basis will notice changes rather quickly. The bedroom would be the place to put the camera if cheating may be an issue. Cameras can be in the radio alarm, a lamp, curtain rod or in any place that can be hidden. Because the cameras are small, they are easy to hide. Hidden cameras that are nanny cams need to be in the children's room and any other rooms that the in which the child may be present. The camera in the children's room can be hidden in a stuffed animal. These cameras can be placed on the dresser or chest of drawers with minimal difficulty. Be sure that they are hidden if the babysitter or nanny does not know that the cameras are there. Hidden cameras for home work well when placed in a clock in any room of the home. There are cameras for home that look like clocks and others that are small enough not to notice. Familiar objects, such as coffee cups, can also be the disguise for the camera. There are hidden cameras in more and more stores. This is often the only way retailers can prevent excessive loss from shoplifting. The footage from the cameras can be used in the court system. This is the same for hidden cameras for home. Although the loss may not be in the billions of dollars, it is still a loss. Often, the loss to a home is directly related to someone in the home. It can be an employee or a family member. For this reason, the use of hidden cameras can determine if this is true and give the homeowner enough evidence to notify law enforcement. Prices for cameras vary according to the design and to the related technology. Some are strictly video and others record sound. All video cameras are allowed, but those with sound recording may be restricted in some areas. Sound recording may require the consent of the person being targeted. The more you know about how the cameras function, the more satisfied you will be with the results.
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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Pros and Cons of Having an iPad

There is no doubt about the unique beauty that Apple's (current) most sold electronic device, the iPad, has. Its creators describe it as "something perfect, helpful and necessary." Of course, that statement is completely subjective and relative. Apple has undeniably used the best materials, given the best finish to the best design in creating this product, but like every other electronic device, this one too has a few minuses along with the many pluses. All in one. The regular everyday tasks of a user are combined digitally and are made accessible through a single electronic device. From entertainment in the form of photos, videos, accessing social networks, playing music, reading eBooks and playing games, to staying up-to-date with your professional life by making notes, accessing Google maps, maintaining a daily agenda, and above all, throwing in all kinds of applications, the iPad offers it all. On the go. The iPad's size, weight, and compactness makes it a perfect device to use on the go. However, this sleek design leads to a lack of USB ports and does not allow connection to external devices or webcams. The screen.The screen takes up almost the entire face. Its size is 9.7 inches - small enough to fit in your bag and big enough to watch a movie on. The touch is sensitive and the zooming and expansion property makes the feature of using maps seem much more real. No camera.Yes, the iPad does not come with a built-in camera, but the iPad 2 is compensating for that feature as it comes with its own integrated camera. Flash platform incompatibility.The iPad also lacks Flash compatibility, which means that all web pages that include flash images, slogans or videos will appear blank in those regions where the flash element was meant to be. Lack of multi-tasking. Being an entertainment or leisure device, it is quite reasonable to assume that one can surf the internet and play music on it at the same time. But you cannot, and this lack of multitasking ability is one of the major factors working against it. iTunes.Those of us who are regular apple customers are familiar with the iTunes, and may have become comfortable with it too. But those who are new to using Apple products would certainly have a problem embracing iTunes. Also, almost every application and every software needs to be bought at the iTunes store before it can be used. This might cause reluctance in some consumers.
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Monday, 6 May 2013

5 Tips to Improving Database and Query Performance

Considerable amounts of planning needs to go into building a database application. There are a number of things which can affect performance in a negative way if best practices are not followed. Performance might seem perfectly fine in a test environment with only a few thousand rows inside the database but when the application goes live and begins to grow the database, bad design considerations can become obvious very quickly. When designing the database and building the code to query it, there are simple design considerations and best practices which can help ensure that as the database grows, the system remains responsive. The following five tips are in no particular order of preference. 1/ Design tables with the appropriate indexes The lack of appropriate indexes can lead to massive decreases in performance. As the tables become larger, the optimizer has to scan through the data to retrieve the required rows based on the WHERE clause in the query. Imagine using a phone directory without an index to tell you where the page was for your local plumber. It is going to be slower finding them without the page that tells you that they are on page 302 or your 500 page directory. The query optimizer has the same problem if indexes are not put in. 2/ Don't use SELECT * FROM It is easy to write SELECT * FROM. Writing queries in this way is much quicker than writing out the required fields from the table. Well you reap what you sow. If you take the time to build that SQL statement properly, your return on investment will be improved response times. This is because the sql query is pulling back less data than if all columns were included. If you only need 3 columns and not the 10 that comprise your table then just select those three. 3/ Ensure that stored procedures are used There are many benefits to using stored procedures. One of the benefits is that the optimizer can call upon a cached execution plan. Ad-hoc SQL requires more time and resource to execute because the optimizer has to work out the best execution plan to execute the query. 4/ Don't use cursors There is a time for using cursors however they should generally be avoided unless absolutely necessary. The optimizer works best dealing with sets of data. It is not too great at doing things very quickly using a row by row method. 5/ Ensure that you have a maintenance plans in place In SQL Server, you can build maintenance plans to help rebuild indexes and refresh statistics. In MySQL, this can be done using OPTIMIZE TABLE commands as part of a batch process. Ensuring that maintenance plans are in place helps to control index fragmentation. Up to date statistics helps to ensure that the optimizer can use the best execution plan for the query. For more tips view this post on improving database performance Andy Hayes is a DBA working in SQL Server and MySQL technologies. His skills include database administration, performance tuning and ETL process design. Visit his blog DBA Diaries over at

Friday, 3 May 2013

Putting Together Your Gaming Tech Setup

The gaming industry continues to boom, and because there are so many tech utilities that can heighten the experience, many gamers aren't getting the most from their favorite games. And, when you factor in the music creation and free DJ programs that require quite a computer to handle the processing, users want to be sure that they are getting the best possible experience from their equipment. To help you navigate the incredible array of products you'll find on the open market, we're going to outline the key points that ensure that you have the best router for gaming. The Emergence of Wi-Fi Technology Wi-Fi has changed the way many of us see the gaming industry. We have graduated from cartridges, moved through the age of disks, and are now working with directly downloaded games and movies. However, if you have the best router for gaming purposes, you won't experience the lag or download times that are experienced with inferior units. Terms like latency suddenly became important in the gaming world, but many still don't understand that your router will determine a large portion of the delay you endure while playing. If you are into action games such as first person, live shooters, you will definitely want to get a router that can perform at 2.4 and 5 GHz. Additionally, 802.11 is a spec that you'll want to have memorized. After all, you've come this far, haven't you? You have Let's assume for a moment that you are interested in xbox connect games. You've already sprung for the best wireless headphones for gaming, and are now ready to start sampling the offerings. You've got your friends together (through your internet connection, of course), and now you're ready to fire the latest title up! However, only a few of your friends have the best router for gaming at their disposal, and despite all of your investments and fun gaming toys, your router simply cannot keep up with the gaming speed. To put things into perspective, consider what it would be like using an ACME radio controlled car without enough processing speed for it to respond to your steering or braking. You'd eventually get frustrated and look for a new hobby. This is the case for many gamers today. Most don't realize that there are faster, more optimized routers to improve the overall gameplay that your system exhibits. DAWs Digital Audio Workstations have taken center-stage in the music business, and because there are variances involved when syncing laptops with desktops for interactive DJ triggering, it can be very important to have a router that can handle vast amounts of information in a given moment. You wouldn't want to be in the middle of an incredible studio session just to suddenly begin experiencing latency, would you? Nothing can be more frustrating when looking to create music in the moment. If you've taken the time to get a quality computer to handle your DAW usage, why not extend that same attention to your router? Whether you are interested in playing XBox connect games or using your computer to download free DJ programs, the use of a quality router is the key. Once you have the best router for gaming at your disposal, everything you have used in the past will pale in comparison. Are there routers that may do the job sufficiently? Of course there are, but ultimately, gaming technology is speeding up, which means that you will want to have the necessary equipment to not only handle the current landscape of gaming but any future releases. Once you do, you'll experience a quality game the way the developers meant it to be!
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What Can We Do With a Computer?

Workstations and laptops play a very essential and almost indispensable role in our lives. PCs are used extensively globally and in all kinds of environments. We use computers in companies, factories, homes and government offices. Students use computers at schools for teaching and for keeping student files. Clinics use PCs to store patient records and to deliver health care. Along with these types of workstations, there are also several special computers intended for specific jobs. We find these computers inside other devices such as TVs, sound systems, ATMs and many other electronic devices. We can even found them embedded in devices such as washing machines and refrigerators. Where are workstations found within your environment? PCs are used for various reasons and in several different places. They have different dimensions and processing power, but all PCs have a few features in common: 1. The physical modules, internal and external, that make up a PC, 2. The operating system. This is a group of computer programs that control the hardware of a computer. An OS manages the hardware resources such as the memory and the hard disk. Windows 7 for example is Microsoft's latest operating system, 3. The applications. Every computer has programs that perform specific functions using the installed hardware. An example of application software is a word processor or a computer game. Software programs can be divided into two broad categories: Business-Industry Applications: These are designed for use by a particular business or industry. For instance, warehouse management software, training tools and legal software. General Use Applications: These are used by various organizations and home users for several purposes. These software programs can usually be used by any user or business. General use applications include software packages like Microsoft office 2010 suite. Microsoft office includes several different applications such as Word, Excel, Access, Visio and others. Very popular are the graphics editing and multimedia authoring applications. These software programs permit users to change and improve photos or create rich media presentations that contain voice, video and graphics. Some applications are network capable, and some other applications can work only locally. Local software: This is a local software program, like a word processor, that is installed on the local hard disk of the computer. The software runs only on that computer. Network software: This is a network application that is designed to work over a network, like for example the Internet. Network software has two modules, one that runs on the local PC and one that runs on a remote PC. Microsoft Outlook is an example of a network application. Almost all the computers have both local and network applications installed.
Manolis Skoras is a Cisco, Microsoft and HP Certified Trainer and systems-network engineer. Recently he created a site about IT Certifications to help his students and people around the world to better understand the material they will be tested on, thus having greater success rates. Check Certify4Sure today!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Convert Audio And Video Into Text With Digital Transcription

Digital transcription is the process of transcribing your audio or video files into written text using digital software. Previously, transcription was strictly a manual process wherein an individual would listen to your audio or watch your video file and physically write down the words they heard. However, this took a lot of time and was prone to human error. When it comes to audio and video transcription you want your text to be error-free, and it is vital that your text is clear, concise and extremely accurate. This is why digital transcription has become popular. Digital transcription is done by digital software, thereby making the entire process more accurate, quicker, and cheaper. Because the process is done with the help of software, you no longer have to pay the high prices you previously used to. There are myriad benefits to transcribing. Video transcription helps the viewer follow the content of your video by enabling them to read the text. This is exceptionally useful in educational and business videos. Very often we are so distracted by the happenings in a video that we fail to pay attention to everything that is being said. By being able to hear as well as read whatever is there, you reinforce your point to the viewer. Audio transcription is essential as understanding something only by listening is very difficult. Keeping in mind that accents can be difficult to understand, and that people have a tougher time focusing without visual aid, it is easy to see the importance of audio transcription. There are various digital transcription services that provide clear, accurate and error free transcription. More and more organizations are beginning to make use of their services, as the advantages of digital transcription are getting clearer. These advantages are easiest to see online where Search Engine Optimization requires text. Search engines cannot watch your videos or listen to audio files in order to decipher what your website is about. Very often this means that your website remains low in search results even though you may have all the relevant content. How do you change this? Digital transcription is a great starting point. Search engines understand and index text, and they use this to understand your website (mainly keywords linked to website content). In order to optimize your website, simply have your audio and video transcribed and see a tremendous boost in your Internet marketing and SEO campaigns. Today, considering the ease with which digital transcription services are available and the low prices that they are offered for, there is no reason to avoid it. Whether it is to enhance your videos, improve your website or simply to build your business presentation skills, digital transcription is now an easy and smart option.
Copyright (c) 2010 Ajay Prasad Ajay Prasad is the President of GMR Transcription Inc., an Orange County, California based company and has been providing accurate and affordable Transcription Services of all types over the years. GMR Transcription also provides Digital Transcription specializing in video transcription, audio transcription and voice transcription.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

How to Best Use a Spy Camera

At one time, the only place a spy camera would be noticed is in a movie or on a television show. It is not that world any longer. Small spy cameras are available for all citizens to buy and put to use in their homes, their business, loved ones, or on their properties. By implementing digital recording devices, we can be assured that the family and belongings are safe. A spy camera is not used exclusively by law enforcement. It can be used in children's rooms, entry areas or common areas when the homeowner is not at home. Some of the digital technology will allow the owner to watch from their computer while on vacation or at work. The new digital technology provides owners with the ability to have clear images. Some are equipped to respond to remote commands such as zoom, pan and tilting. This allows the owner to choose the view desired. Spy cameras with recording devices are useful in the baby nursery, swimming pools and in your office. These capabilities are especially useful if the camera has audio features. Live broadcasting can keep the baby safe and the swimming pool safe. In a place of business, the audio capabilities of the spy camera can be helpful if there is the need to fire an employee after there have been reported problems with the employee. This becomes evidence and can help to prove a case if taken to court or the labor board. With a spy camera, in your business the ability to observe activities in the stock area, cash register and other places that are prone to unwanted misbehavior. Caution should be used with these hidden cameras used in the home as a nanny cam. If the camera records sound as well as picture, the nanny needs to be informed. There are some states that consider the voice recording as an invasion of privacy but allows video without informing the nanny. Parents often tell the nanny that they are recording activity in an attempt to prevent abuse of the child. A spy camera is often used to prove infidelity. Portable, battery operated cameras can be taken to any place that the owner chooses to prove their case. Small cameras can be incorporated into an alarm clock in the bedroom, computer speakers or as a book on the shelf. Whatever the need for small spy cameras may be, there is one that will fill your needs without breaking your budget. Prices depend on the size and the capabilities of the camera. There are cameras that are weather resistant for outdoor use. Some have extremely sophisticated features that will allow email alerts if there is any unwarranted activity. In larger homes and businesses, the use of a multi-camera setup may be called for. All of these are available. The use of a spy camera helps to keep family and property safe. Law enforcement and government spy agencies are not the only organizations that can utilize this camera technology.
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