Thursday, 28 February 2013

How to Order Custom Cable Assemblies - 3 Tips

If you need to order custom cable assemblies, then the following three tips will help you find the best fit for your specific qualifications, whether they be for a specialized business, your office space, or a do it yourself project at home.
    1. The first and most important tip is to determine what you will be using the custom cable assembly for. There are specialized cables and cable assemblies for all sorts of areas in the military, in aviation and for home appliances, just to name a few. That being said, if you are looking for a cable assembly for your kitchen microwave or toaster, you would not use the same cables as you would in a complex car stereo system. You can research the different options available online, or talk to a professional to ensure that you are making the best purchase per your requirements.
    1. After you have determined your need, the second tip for ordering the best custom cable assembly is to decide what type of material your wires should be made of - some of the choices include copper, silicon and nanowires. Cables can also have varying amounts of power and negative or positive effects on the environment. Different cables are engineered for different capabilities, and you have to decide what is most important to you. For instance, do you prefer high-signal integrity, speed and mechanical soundness to withstand harsh environments, or do you find low cost to be of greater concern? Answering these questions will make choosing your ideal wire cable assembly much easier.
  1. The last tip for ordering the best assembly after you have narrowed down your criteria is to choose the best connectors to go along with your cables. Wires and cables must be bound together, and this is especially pertinent for cables of longer lengths. By gathering the assemblies in neat bundles or groups, you eliminate the risk of damage and possible accidents. Depending on the environment you plan to keep the cable assemblies in, you can also opt for flame resistant sleeves and water-resistant sleeves, which will help ensure longer durability.
  Depending on your experience with electronics, wiring and technology it may also behoove you to hire a professional. By calling an expert, or having a contractor come to your home or area of business, you will gather even more tips and recommendations for ordering optimum assemblies, leading to high-class performance and greater satisfaction.
After reading and following these three tips for ordering custom cable assemblies, you should be able to make a purchase that is both informed and specifically tailored to your requirements.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Is This Really the End for Flash Animation?

Change is inevitable and many of the things we count on today will not exist in the future. This seems to be especially true in the cyber world, where new technologies are continually being developed to replace old or outdated software. One older technology that has been refusing to 'go gently into that good night' is Adobe's Flash animation. Flash has been the animation standard for many, many years and can be found on nearly every computer in existence. (Some research suggests it has been downloaded onto 98% of computers). According to one article, Flash technology is the main reason sites like YouTube and Hulu have exploded in popularity over the past few years. And the main reason we have fast, reliable access to online videos at all. But now, after years of fighting to save Flash, Adobe has abandoned plans to continue developing new versions of Flash for mobile devices. It's difficult to understand why such a popular product has fallen out of favour, but it seems maybe Flash was its own worst enemy. The very fact that Flash was everywhere and used in so many different ways - some of which it was never originally intended for - ultimately led to its demise. Flash animation is a great way to add movement and life to web pages. It is also used to facilitate streaming of videos on line. Moving characters, changing colours, rotating text, your imagination is really the only limit. It was so successful that someone had the brilliant idea to build an entire website using Flash animation. The idea caught on and soon Flash websites were everywhere. One major downside of a Flash-based website is that the search engines can't read the content, which leave Flash websites in the dust when it comes to search engine rankings. That problem has actually been addressed to a certain extent in recent years and the search engines have found ways to read the more of the content on Flash websites, but non-Flash websites are still better for search engine optimization. Another issue with Flash websites is that they are not easy to edit. It's vital to keep the content on your website current and fresh for both the search engines and for visitors to your website. Outdated content is a sure way to bring your website down in the search engine rankings. With Flash animation sites, very few end-users are capable of editing their own web pages, which means they must pay a programmer every time the website needs to be changed, costing them time and money. Splash down Splash pages were a so-so idea that really took a turn for the worse with the addition of Flash animation. A splash page, also known as a splash screen, is a website intro page, rather like the cover of a book. Unlike books, however, websites don't need a cover page! Well, OK, there are certain cases where an intro page has some benefit, such as choosing which language version of a website you want to navigate to. For the most part, however, these intro pages are either a chance for the website administrators to advertise products or for web designers to show off. The addition of Flash animation took splash pages to a whole new level of annoying as users were often forced to sit through some fantastical animated graphics loop - usually accompanied by an unwanted elevator Muzak audio track - while searching frantically for the 'skip intro' button. Splash pages aren't so bad if directions for navigating through them are clear and precise. But if almost everyone who stumbles on a splash page immediately starts looking for the exit, what is the point of having a splash page? Other common complaints about Flash animation include the following: it slows down page loading and can actually bring older computers to a virtual stand still, especially in combination with dial up Internet service; Flash sucks power and creates security and privacy issues on mobile devices; basic keyboard functions like copy and paste don't work properly on Flash animation sites. Apple bites back With all of that, Flash was doing just fine, thank you, until it came up against the power of Apple. Flash animation is usable on both Mac and Microsoft computers, but it is definitely NOT an Apple product. That was made abundantly clear a few years ago when Apple made the decision to bar Flash applications from the iPhone. In fact, the Flash animation prohibition became a part of the iPhone user agreement. Apparently the problem, at least as far as Apple is concerned, is that Flash is not just animation software, it is an application development platform. In other words, by downloading Flash onto the iPhone, users could potentially find a way to download apps, music, videos and games without going through Apple or the iTunes store. This would, of course, cost Apple money. More importantly, it would subvert Apple's absolute control over their users, in terms of their choice of apps, software and programming. New direction Adobe put up a valiant fight in support of Flash and even relished the victory of securing a place for Flash on Android and Blackberry mobile devices. But in the end, Adobe decided they will no longer continue to develop new versions of Flash for mobile devices, opting instead to embrace HTML5 for the future. In fact, Adobe Edge, an HTML5 and CSS3 animation and design software - in other words, an eventual replacement for Flash - has already been in previews since August 2011. However, to paraphrase the great Winston Churchill, "this is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end. It is, perhaps, the end of the beginning..." for Flash. Flash is still widely used to facilitate online video streaming and it still exists on the vast majority of computers around the world so there is no danger of it disappearing into the ether anytime soon.
Industrial NetMedia is a Web Design and Internet Marketing company in Leduc, Alberta. At INM, we use Flash animation to enhance client websites when requested, but recommend against creating Flash-based websites. INM prides itself on building websites that rank well on the search engines and that are easy for almost anyone to edit. Even with recent advances, Flash-based websites are not ideal for search engine optimization and editing them is difficult and expensive.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Why You Need Mobile Protection

By now, you are probably used to protecting your computer from a wide variety of threats, but what about your phone? Most people rely on their mobile phones to communicate, socialize, work, store pictures and contacts. Mobile phones are also a portal for doing a range of online tasks like banking and shopping. However, most people don't protect their mobiles from the threat of malware. This lack of action could be a mistake. Mobile threats - both offline and online - are prevalent and growing. With these threats growing it is important to consider a mobile security application for your mobile device. Consider that people are 15 times more likely to lose their mobile phones than their laptops. In the U.S. alone, it's been estimated that 113 phones are lost every second, and 12,000 smartphones are found in airports each week. Additionally, losing your phone doesn't just mean losing the personal and confidential information stored on it, but also your ability to communicate. What's more, losing your mobile phone could lead to identity theft if you have personally identifiable information stored on it, such as your date of birth or driver's license number, or if you have your phone's browser set to automatically log you in to banking and shopping sites. Given that researchers found that almost a quarter of consumers store their computer or banking passwords on their mobile devices, and around 11% store personally identifiable information, and even credit card numbers, these risks are very real. Beyond the risk of loss, mobile users should also be concerned with the growing amount of malware aimed at mobile devices, which is increasing exponentially. Mobile malware threats can be very similar to those directed at your computer. You could accidentally install a dangerous application that includes malicious code or spyware, or you could connect to an unsecure wireless network, allowing a cybercriminal to potentially access your information. You could also fall victim to a phishing attack that tricks you into handing over your personal information or financial details. Given these risks, it's important to take steps to protect yourself. Antivirus software aimed specifically for mobiles is now available from leading digital security experts. These mobile security packages can backup and restore the information that's stored on your mobile as well as wipe all data if the phone is lost or stolen. This software will also block dangerous websites and prohibit you from clicking on harmful links.
Fiona Roy writes for a digital marketing agency. This article about mobile protection and Antivirus software has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Top Toner Brands

Toner is one of those expendables that is constantly needing to be repurchased to continue on printing good quality products. People find themselves standing in checkout lines staring blankly at another refill with a brand name that they think looks promising. There are many leading brands available in most stores that can make for a swift and reassuring purchase when the toner runs dry. These leading competitors have their reputation due to years of reliability and accessibility. So, what brands are they and what makes them worthy of the title? A few toner brands that lie among the top selection are HP, Apple, Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Xerox, and Samsung. If you do not have an apple computer chances are your desktop or laptop sport one of these high quality names. Just like all electronics, computers and printers are constantly upgrading to stay on top of new technology. That being said, some people may have older versions of equipment that still run efficiently. Toner refills must stay available for all models so that users can easily access a replacement when needed. So, along with being top brands for desktops and laptops they provide equally reliable furnishings, such as printers. Toner for these printers falls nothing short of the bar that is set and allow printers to give users the high quality they have with the rest of their setup. Labels can be everything to people when they are choosing their toner. People are willing to pay more money for OEM toner brands then compatible toners, which cost less, simply because the brand name is reassuring. Take other tops brands, Lexmark and Sharp, for example. They are known for their top of the line quality. When customers head to the store and rummage through countless toners they often put aside names they have not heard of. When Lexmark or Sharp reach your hand it may give you comfort that the toner quality is going to be better and long lasting. Not only are they tops brands because the name is well-known, but their products are in fact reliable even if they are slightly overpriced. A few more top brands that you can keep your eye out for are Source Tech and Pitney Bowes. They may not ring a bell as quickly as the previously listed, but they are considered top toner brands due to their many users. Their products are in high demand and their toner follows right behind. Keep an eye out for any of the aforementioned brands and you can count on a good product. These companies want to keep their reputation and will provide you with quality products every time or your money back.
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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Designing A Popular iPhone App - Some Pitfalls To Avoid

In today's mobile world nothing comes close to capturing the popularity of Apple's iPhone. One of the most popular features of this unique device is the third-party applications for it. They prove that anyone with the technical know-how can design an iPhone app. One is only limited by the imagination when it comes to designing one of these programs, but that does not mean that it will be marketable. The only way to profit from these applications is to make them worth while to a targeted group of people, or satisfy an unmet need. Such a thing is not easy to accomplish as it requires some market research to know what people are looking for and what they need. Some of the most popular iPhone applications either meet a need such as directions to a destination, up to date financial news, or provide some other valuable service. These are the apps that people purchase. Or they are incredibly fun to use and are of the gaming variety. Designing an iPhone app that delivers a gaming experience is a bit risky because of copyright issues. A designer really needs to be careful. If one does not create a game that is unique then they could be infringing on someone else's idea. If it is a big budget project then the patenting of the idea and involvement of intellectual property attorneys will probably be necessary. There is nothing more frustrating than investing a lot of time and money into a project only to find out that it is not marketable. So when someone wants to design an iPhone app it is a good idea to look at what people need in their day-to-day lives. Of course there is a need to look at each group of people differently. Never try to cater to the needs of too many groups of people. Loyal consumers are far more desirable. Creating a whole series of applications should be the goal of any business that is looking to cash in on the app craze. It takes a lot more than a basic idea or vision to design an iPhone app that is truly worth while. The technical know-how of talented programmers and designers can be costly. However, certain aspects of the programming of an app project can be outsourced to freelancers, but this can be risky. There are a lot of freelancers who take advantage of upfront payments and busy bosses. The road to designing and marketing a product that sells well is a long one indeed, but the potential benefits are absolutely huge. You stand to make tons of money. It just depends on your vision and the willingness to follow through on it.
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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Inspiring Nature Wallpapers

The beauty of nature and the glory of all the elements that make up nature like plants, animals, water, land, air and many more are in inspiring nature wallpapers. If you love to admire natural surroundings or you love to be surrounded by nature then nature backgrounds, images and breathtaking pictures are all for you to download and enjoy online. No matter how young or old you are, there are so many benefits of having nature wallpapers as your desktop image rather than other background images. Here are some of the advantages: 1. Nature wallpapers can take you to wondrous memories like your past vacation, a romantic getaway or maybe a memorable place where you had so much fun. Remembering can improve a person's memory and enhance his mental and cognitive skills as well. 2. Nature backgrounds can signify a specific place that you have never been to but planning to go to in the future. This nature image can serve as your inspiration as you work all day long. 3. Nature pictures can also mean a place where you find deep inspiration and personal relaxation. Images of a beach, an oasis, a garden or maybe a forest can invoke these feelings most of the time. 4. Nature images maybe pictures that you may have taken yourself when you had a relaxing vacation. You can use these personal photos as your inspiration or as a remembrance of your wonderful time outdoors as memorable desktop d├ęcor. 5. Nature wallpapers may also serve as reminders to keep the environment safe and healthy. These photos can remind us of our share in helping Mother Nature in our own personal abilities. Each nature lover may have special reasons why they love and worship nature and all its beauty in radiance. With these reasons, nature theme for wallpapers and desktop backgrounds are one of the most favorite choices among sites. Here are several ways to enhance nature wallpapers: 1. Try high definition nature wallpapers that have richer and bolder colors. With HD wallpaper, you may need a better monitor resolution which can project high definition images. Viewing images in true HD can totally change your computing habits; after getting used to viewing pictures in HD, you will never look at any image the same way again. 2. Try 3D nature images that can totally revamp the way you watch and view images. 3D images and pictures seem to pop out of the monitor making you feel like you are actually within the picture. 3. There are various nature wallpapers complete with creative nature sounds like water gushing, waves reaching the shore and even the sounds of birds chirping to make you feel the display even more. 4. A monitor with a better resolution and bigger screen can make all the difference when you want to view landscape nature pictures. 5. Arrange icons so that they can never block nature wallpaper views. You can reduce the number or reduce the font size and icon size of your desktop through making tweaks on the display.
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Friday, 22 February 2013

The Science Scientists Forgot: Privacy and Security - Who Needs Them Anyway?

This year marks the 31th anniversary of the first mobile phone in Australia. Ten years later, in the Swiss headquarters of CERN, the Computer Scientist Tim Berners Lee created the World Wide Web. Despite the relative 'youth' of these technologies, it is hard to imagine a world without them. They are fundamental. They have changed the way we interact forever. They have changed the way we communicate, the way we work and the way we relax. As always, there is a price to pay for such a rapid change and development in technology. As a society, we have left gaping holes in security and privacy as we march on, ever modernising and digitising. These effects are so far reaching that they concern the security of nations, the integrity of corporations and the privacy of individuals. Yet are scientists and engineers to blame? When have we ever stopped and considered the privacy and security implications of the technology we develop? In 2010 Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Iran's atomic energy agency, announced that completion of Bushehr (Iran's first Nuclear power plant) would be delayed a further 3 months. They denied any connection to 'stuxnet'. Stuxnet, a computer worm, has been described by the Internet security firm Semantic as "the most complex threat they have ever analysed". Described as a master of stealth, stuxnet transmitted itself to over 45,000 devices; of which 60% were in Iran. Ordinary computer users would not have noticed a change; for there was nothing to notice. It was designed to install itself on a USB flash drive, and hide. It then waited for the right set of conditions to occur. Those conditions are unique to specific Siemens machines called SCADA systems. These are high end machines that run and monitor systems such as manufacturing plants, water treatment facilities, civil defence systems and... power plants around the world. Even the smallest security breach to one of these systems could wreck havoc on society - power plants would halt, water treatment systems would stop, traffic control systems would crumble. The elegance of stuxnet was the target computer didn't need to be connected to the Internet at all - all it needed was an infected USB to be inserted into one of these high-end SCADA systems. Stuxnet was not looking for just any SCADA system, but rather it had targets. Curiously the only SCADA systems believed to be affected by the worm were those involved in the Iranian nuclear program. It is believed that stuxnet was the product of a state-backed attack to delay Iran's nuclear ambitions. Politically motivated, no doubt; but stuxnet serves to highlight an important point - technology is now a weapon, and security our only defence. In a world of increasing technology and connectedness, it is near impossible to keep any system isolated. Traffic systems, airports, power plants... all are susceptible to similar attacks. Our society has modernised and interconnected itself so rapidly that scientists and engineers who create the technology have been unable to strike the balance between security and advancement. Nations are not the only ones affected. In April 2011, the Japanese juggernaut Sony and its PlayStation Network and Qriocity service were crippled by hackers for a cringe-worthy 23 days - an eternity in Internet time. In the process, over 77 million credit cards and other personally identifiable information was stolen. The examples are plentiful: Britain's National Health Service (hacked), CityGroup network (some 200,000 clients' information stolen), Epsilon database (2500 companies' emailing lists stolen). Even the Australian government is vulnerable to cyber attack. Despite similar attacks back in 2007, in February of this year the government was stung once again. Up to 10 Federal ministerial computers (including the Prime Minister's) were compromised. Perhaps the most confronting breaches to our own privacy and security are self-inflicted. The technology that represents the biggest breach of our privacy and security is often the most integral and entrenched... our mobile phones. Our mobile phones never leave us. They are the last thing we check at night as we go to sleep, and the first when we wake. One smart phone alone has the computing power that was used to send man to the moon. Despite this, society is generally blind to the risks they present; and to the implications this causes. Ever since GPS chips started appearing in phones there has been a resulting privacy fallout. Apple's latest iPhones come with GPS tracking built-in; should the phone become lost or stolen. However, this service is always on; and because our phones are always with us, it becomes a very simple and covert way to track someone's whereabouts. GPS tracking is a feature, not an oversight. Without much difficulty at all, parents can covertly track their children's whereabouts, wives can check up on their husbands, and bosses can monitor their staff. Nowadays, when a picture is taken, most GPS-enabled phones will automatically include the location in the photo data. This isn't a problem until the image is widely distributed; and potentially thousands can discover the location it was taken. With services like email, Twitter and Facebook; this is easy. Most will strip out the location data, but many, including email, will not. Technology such as this runs the risk of exposing the locations where photos are taken, with pinpoint accuracy. Often, these are people's homes and workplaces. Sometimes, the apps are also to blame. Blendr is a mobile dating app with a twist - It shows users how many kilometers they are from each other. Many such users are unaware, but by sampling distances from three different positions and using triangulation, it's possible to compute a person's location, without them explicitly revealing it. Chinese and US researchers have shown a proof-of-concept Android smart phone application that spies in on users' phone calls, listening for credit card numbers and pins. With the app running in the background, when the user made a call, the app would monitor the microphone for someone speaking or dialing a string of numbers (as in telephone banking) then log the information surreptitiously. It was just an experiment, but startling nonetheless. The solution is clear... there is no going back. The only solution is to move forward. Society owes a great deal of gratitude to the scientists and engineers who create these immensely powerful technologies, but it does not excuse these professionals from their responsibilities. There is a high risk to our privacy and security today. It is the responsibility of the creators to inform and make society aware of the dangers of these technologies, rather than just providing them. Whether it's a nation, a corporation or an end user... security is more important than we think. We need to address the issue of privacy and security in the industry, and for scientists and engineers; security and privacy need to be a priority, not an after thought.
Adam Smallhorn is the secretary and a regular contributor for the Young Scientists of Australia, Sydney Chapter. The Young Scientists of Australia (or YSA Sydney) is a volunteer, youth run organisation dedicated to promoting Science to the Youth of Australia. Accepting members from ages 15-25, you can find more information at the website:

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Google Analytics Tutorials - Site Usage Statistics

A Web-based analytics tool is an easy and comprehensive way to measure return on advertising investment and track site traffic. One of the most widely used analytics programs is the free Google Analytics. This powerful resource is flexible and easy for even a novice to use. Google Analytics tutorials walk new users through every step including the all-important site usage statistics. With just a few clicks of their mouse, site owners can view bounce rates, visits, unique page views, and average time on the site. The primary interface provides visitor overview statics for the previous month. The numbers of new and returning visitors are displayed in a pie chart format. Users can also view the total number of visits, unique visitors, and page views received. Average time on the site, number of pages viewed per visit, and bounce rate are also displayed. Demographics as specific as country, system, and mobile device details including service provider, operating system, and screen resolution are included. Having access to these statistics may sound great, but what exactly do they measure? In addition, how does the site owner know when these indicate positive or negative trends? This is where knowledge of the definitions comes in handy. Based on a quick review of the statistics, knowledgeable site owners can determine if further action is needed to address a negative situation or build upon a positive trend. As one would assume, the visits statistic reveals the total number of visits to the site. The unique visitor figure provides further detail, showing the total number of unique visitors to the site, exclusive of those who made a return trip during the period being measured. The new visitor statistic is the percent of total visitors who checked out the site for the first time. Each of these individuals has unique demographics like language, city, country, browser, operating system, and service provider. If visits and numbers of new and unique visitors are increasing, these are good signs. Demographics help site owners determine whether they should add information targeted to certain geographic areas, incorporate a translation tool, or optimize the site for different operating systems and mobile device screen resolutions. The goal is to make the site convenient for every visitor to read and use. Small site tweaks can make a huge difference in these statistics. Average time on site reflects the average time each visitor spends on the site. The pages per visit statistic reflects the average number of pages viewed per visit and the bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits. Site owners want people to spend a lot of time on their pages and want the bounce rate to be low. To improve these statistics, they can make the site easier to navigate and include content that entices visitors to keep reading. Site owners can customize their visitor overview reporting to cover any period. They can also compare a current period to a past period of their choosing. This allows them to view changes from one year to the next. After customizing report parameters, they can add this template to their dashboard for an ongoing snapshot of site usage statistics.
Google Analytics Tutorials is devoted to helping even the most inexperienced website owner understand how their traffic gets to their site and how to understand and use all of the information provided. If you would like to learn more about Google Analytics tutorials, visit today!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lexmark Printer And Toner Models

Printers and toner go hand and hand with each other. Without one, the other is entirely useless. It is important when choosing your printer that toner will be easily accessible to keep the machine available for use on a daily basis. With name brand products, such as Lexmark, you can count on their many models to always have toner that can be found very easily. Lexmark is not only a conveniently located brand, but they also provide their customers with options to add or decline in their printer search. This is a nice feature so people can get strictly what they need from their printer without having to hypothetically settle for the one and only model on display. Options and convenience can be everything and Lexmark has them both. Let's first have a look at their standard printer options available in color and black and white models. All models will give you the clear laser text you want to see on your documents. Different sizes are available from desk size to large business printers. As size enhances, typically features do, so you can find bulkier printers perfect for large groups needing a lot of volume. Simple models will have easy use buttons and other ones can be found with built in touch screens. Color and black and white models will accept all your unique lettering and special requests for double-sided printing. For those looking for models that will handle all their office tasks, there is a huge variety of Lexmark multifunction printers. Navigate through their provided touch screen to easily choose the option you want whether it be scanning, copying, or faxing. Most of their models are entirely wireless which makes for an easy print. Multifunction models can come as small as your average printer or large for holding more paper. Have multiple paper trays to maximize output. Automatic document feeders can hold around 50 pages alone in some models. Just like the variety of Lexmark printers available, there is an array of toner models. Toner must be reachable by those owning any given Lexmark printer. Some printers will call for the same cartridge, but others will need a different fit to occupy its empty space. Different toners are marked with compatible Lexmark printers to ensure a perfect match. Regardless of if you purchase brand new or recycled toner, with a brand as popular as Lexmark you will have no hurdles to jump. Toner companies give you the freedom to choose your model and if you want OEM or compatible toner products. As you see, every part of your search from the printer itself to the toner comes with a selection of models and types to ensure Lexmark's goal to reach each and every single audience.
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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Why Would You Need 3G Mobile Hotspot

At the turn of the century, mobile phone networks were expanding and companies such as Nokia and Siemens were about to enter a boom. Providing mobile services was a profitable business with information required by customers steadily increasing and the need to stay connected via phones and short messaging services has become essential. This change soon evolved as mobile phone companies decided to make phones more than just simple device who made calls and equipped them with the latest multimedia offerings and facilities. It is by that method that the world soon embraced phones with cameras and music capabilities as well as audio recording. Simultaneously the development and boom of the internet was evident from the fact that connectivity among businesses was increasing all over. Moreover, more and more businesses were developing their networks using the internet while the internet also served a major social purpose. To enhance the connectivity of devices amongst themselves, phones started developing Bluetooth capabilities where multiple platforms of phones could connect with each other and share information and files. Although this feature was very handy, the system did have some limitations which caused the people to want for more. The next stage of evolution in mobile technology was the availability of internet to hand held devices in the form of 3G networks which made the sharing of data and information across the networks much faster. As a result, activities over the internet were greatly facilitated and made much more efficient. Phone and portable devices were also making great use of wireless fidelity devices that were connected to the internet through broadband or cable connection. Thus, providing many users with internet facility from a single source. This is the same technology that is being used by a 3G mobile hotspot. Currently this facility is only being provided in a limited area and by a limited number of companies which have 3G services and which have enough service capability to meet the requirements needed to have such a facility. The 3G mobile hotspot offers high speed internet connection to a singular device that is provided to you by your internet or mobile service provider. When the device is running it can actually connect with up to 5 different devices each with wireless fidelity connections. The advantage of 3G mobile hotspots is that the system itself is quite portable and can literally be carried around in your pocket thus allowing for extra mobility. The system ensures that the connection is of high speed which means that activities can be done on the device without any lags. The fact that up to five devices can be connected is very handy and allows multi-tasking. Moreover, one can easily access emails, carry out web conferences and surf the internet with the help of a 3G mobile hotspot. The downside to this facility is that there are extra charges per volume of data shared and that you have to buy certain packages and this is certainly not as enticing as a single broad band connection connected with Wi-Fi but if internet usage and travelling is high then one should definitely invest in a 3G mobile hotspot.
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Monday, 18 February 2013

Google Analytics Tutorials - Site Usage Statistics

A Web-based analytics tool is an easy and comprehensive way to measure return on advertising investment and track site traffic. One of the most widely used analytics programs is the free Google Analytics. This powerful resource is flexible and easy for even a novice to use. Google Analytics tutorials walk new users through every step including the all-important site usage statistics. With just a few clicks of their mouse, site owners can view bounce rates, visits, unique page views, and average time on the site. The primary interface provides visitor overview statics for the previous month. The numbers of new and returning visitors are displayed in a pie chart format. Users can also view the total number of visits, unique visitors, and page views received. Average time on the site, number of pages viewed per visit, and bounce rate are also displayed. Demographics as specific as country, system, and mobile device details including service provider, operating system, and screen resolution are included. Having access to these statistics may sound great, but what exactly do they measure? In addition, how does the site owner know when these indicate positive or negative trends? This is where knowledge of the definitions comes in handy. Based on a quick review of the statistics, knowledgeable site owners can determine if further action is needed to address a negative situation or build upon a positive trend. As one would assume, the visits statistic reveals the total number of visits to the site. The unique visitor figure provides further detail, showing the total number of unique visitors to the site, exclusive of those who made a return trip during the period being measured. The new visitor statistic is the percent of total visitors who checked out the site for the first time. Each of these individuals has unique demographics like language, city, country, browser, operating system, and service provider. If visits and numbers of new and unique visitors are increasing, these are good signs. Demographics help site owners determine whether they should add information targeted to certain geographic areas, incorporate a translation tool, or optimize the site for different operating systems and mobile device screen resolutions. The goal is to make the site convenient for every visitor to read and use. Small site tweaks can make a huge difference in these statistics. Average time on site reflects the average time each visitor spends on the site. The pages per visit statistic reflects the average number of pages viewed per visit and the bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits. Site owners want people to spend a lot of time on their pages and want the bounce rate to be low. To improve these statistics, they can make the site easier to navigate and include content that entices visitors to keep reading. Site owners can customize their visitor overview reporting to cover any period. They can also compare a current period to a past period of their choosing. This allows them to view changes from one year to the next. After customizing report parameters, they can add this template to their dashboard for an ongoing snapshot of site usage statistics.
Google Analytics Tutorials is devoted to helping even the most inexperienced website owner understand how their traffic gets to their site and how to understand and use all of the information provided. If you would like to learn more about Google Analytics tutorials, visit today!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Okidata Printer Models And Supplies

What are some key factors to consider when browsing for an Okidata brand printer and supplies? You have most likely initially decided on Okidata as your choice due to a track record of positive experiences from customers. That being said, your main concern should be the features you want your printer to display. Needing to print papers for school or leisure will have you set up with an entirely different model then those seeking a scanner, photo copier, or higher quality for picture printing. There are plenty of models and supplies offered for Okidata users you just simply need to know what you are exactly looking for in your search. Okidata's most basic printer models are those that are color, monochrome, or a mix of the both. Their monochrome selection will typically print the most pages per minute, but the color one falls shortly behind. All models are capable of holding over 500 pages in their trays. Okidata's color and monochrome printers save energy which results in lower running costs. Some monochrome models can be found with an attached stacker and stapler to provide the best printing experience. More complex models include those that are multifunction, impact, or label printers. Multifunction models can perform any given task from being your copier to your scanner. Retractable full length keyboards will give you an easy way to input data while viewing on an easy read screen. Use this screen for many things such as confirming print jobs or zooming in on scanned pages. The impact printers are going to be your lightweight, speedy selection. These are the printers that can work for hours on end printing away steadily. The label printers are somewhat self-explanatory. Most models are portable and can take care of different sized labels. With a long lasting battery life you can carry your label printer around for hours and still expect premium quality. Once buying one of these Okidata printers is finding supplies going to be an added hassle? Since Okidata is a common brand that has remained steadily on sale, toner and ink companies continue to produce matches that will work in all of their models. Finds can be as easy as stepping in to a convenience store and browsing the toner and ink selection. OEM suppliers must make easily accessible products in order to keep people buying their printers. Even less known manufacturers keep Okidata compatible toners and ink in their inventory to give customers the chance to use buy recycled, earth friendly products for less. Okidata printer supplies are overall a hassle free purchase, similar to the experience you will have with their products.
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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Salon Software and Your Spa Business

Almost every salon owner can use more user-friendly software to make the job easier for yourselves, for prospective clients, and for your employees. There are many different types of software available and there are many things you should look for when you are searching for the best software for your business. You want to partner with a salon software company that will help you stay ahead of all business trends. Often these programs will allow you to view each client's preferences and past spa services. One of the things that you want your software to do is to help you easily communicate with your clients. You want a program that will help you build your business both through the clients that you all ready have and through new clients. You can track all your customers through the program's membership program to send them appointment reminders, special offers, and birthday specials so they can enjoy a special treat. Another thing that you need to look for in this age of technology is the ability to communicate through the internet. This communication may include offering special deals through the use of the media. These include: - E-mail coupons, where deals can be sent directly to the customer's inbox; - Facebook and Twitter ads, where you can advertise your business and become "friends" with potential customers. You can also offer deals if members "like" you; and, - Group buying ability, where offers get better as the group gets larger. You can offer deals on certain days and times so that you can be ensured that you do not lose money on the deals. You can then track how well the programs are working as you integrate your social media with your business. Not only can you use good salon software to communicate through the internet in your spa business, but also you can use it to find new customers because they can make their spa service appointment directly onto your website; therefore, making it easier for your business to grow. With just a quick look at your online scheduler you can see what each day looks like so that you and your employees can make plans accordingly, and by having this web calendar option, you never have to worry about double booking your customers. The right salon software will help you to navigate your website and business easier, and basing it all on the internet will open up the world of possibilities to you and your business.
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Friday, 15 February 2013

Sharp Printer Products And Supplies

Choosing a name brand product, such as Sharp, for your printer and supplies can have many beneficial outcomes. Similar to purchasing other electronics you will find yourself aplomb with a name brand buy rather than an off brand item temptingly offering a discounted price. You get what you pay for with electronics and when shopping for Sharp printers and supplies you can expect the best. Options include many sleek styles with simple to complex features to match the needs resulting in the purchase. Sift through the variety of models and toners and find the best buy for not just your purpose, but your wallet too. A good way to begin your search is by deciding on how quick you need your products to be. Let's first unveil all of the printers Sharp offers that will print anywhere from under 20 to over 40 pages per minute. The lower end, 20 ppm average, products will still give a quick speed and other positive features. Products can hold large quantities of paper and send your documents to any user connected to the printer. Easy read display screens allow for you to view documents and use the zoom button when needed. Mid-range products, 30 ppm average, will give you even more freedom. They hold more paper for faster print jobs and will sort or reverse documents as requested. Some models will come with build-in keyboards for easy data input. The upper range, 40 ppm average, can not just print quickly, but they can put the final touches on your product. Stacking and stapling are often boring, timely tasks so Sharp printers are made to help you with these undesirable jobs. For those people or companies that need maximum production there are products that will finish from 50 to 80 pages per minute. You can expect all of their high volume products to have all the power that the lesser speed models above withhold and much more. For the best Sharp printer, you can hold over 8,000 sheets inside at a time while shooting out over 80 pages per minute. You better hope you clicked on the right document to print! With large quantities shuffling out, they offer you multiple finishing options to include in your prints to ensure your approval. Complete your printer setup with the supplies it needs. Inks and toners can most likely be found just an aisle or two past the place where you found your printer. OEM companies produce brand new toner and ink for all Sharp products. However, supplies can become very expensive for everyday users. An alternative to consider is buying in bulk, a simple saver that compatible toner and ink companies offer people. While toner and ink remain high quality, the production with the use of recyclables allows for an inexpensive sale. Individually you find Sharp specific compatible products or in large sums as listed above. Thinking ahead and buying your supplies in bulk can cut the individual cost down by a third. By setting your new Sharp printer up with the right supplies you will never regret any part of the purchase.
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Thursday, 14 February 2013

From 3D Model to Concept Car

Before products are introduced to the public, the product developers often make a 3D model so that they can see how the concept will appear when finished. These cell phone manufacturers, toy makers, and vehicle designers use these small-scale replicas of the concept to study before the actual object goes into production. There are many ways to create a 3D model. These include using mathematical equations, pen and pencil, or through the use of a computer. Game creators started using these images to develop their products before computers started recording and using real time to create these new images. These early designers called their images "sprites". Not only are 3D models used in the video game industry, but also in industrial fields for research. These models include the body part models for the medical industry, the science community's chemical compound models, and building, landscape, and automobile models for architects and engineers. There has also been a recent introduction of a 3D model with geographical features to the science community. The 3D model is usually created in two different forms, the solid model and the boundary model. If you are creating a solid model you are trying to show the actual size and shape of the object. These are the types that are used mostly in the medical and engineering fields; therefore, the hardest to make. If you are making a boundary model you are trying to show the surface of the object only. These are easier to construct and are usually done by using computer graphics. The media and art fields usually use these kinds of 3D models. In the United States one of the most common ways that the 3D model is used is in the making of an automobile. Each new car concept starts with a sketch and later becomes hard drawings. These drawings get colored in all the right places and tweaked so that the engineers can then create the design. These designs are later made into a small-scale 3D model so that all the important parts can be pieced together to form the new vehicle. When the vehicle designers use 3D models they can insert all the different trim package and color options. Then they take the concept vehicle on a virtual "test drive" to see how it works in all possible driving situations. After it has been tested, the vehicle is ready to go to production on the assembly line, then to the dealership where potential owners can buy their new dream car. Because of the many roles that 3D models play, their development plays a major factor in our lives from day to day.
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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

How To Lay The Groundwork For A Client Database

Follow this simple guide to ensure you lay your groundwork, choose appropriate database technology and encourage your staff to embrace the coming changes. Phase 1 - Define Outcomes and Objectives Before you implement any company changes you need to ask yourself 'what am I trying to achieve?'. An example objective might be to increase repeat business in medium value purchases. In this case you might find that your sales team give a lot of attention to the initial sale but don't follow up customers for repeat business. To solve the problem with a client database you could focus on a system to capture client info after every sale and devise a 'repeat business schedule'. This might include automated emails with special offers and a follow up call calendar for your staff to adhere to. The above example is very specific and detailed. Your objectives may be broader, such as: to track sales results, improve staff efficiency, to identify and eliminate problem customers. This is fine, so long as you are clear on exactly how this benefit can be achieved using a client database. You can also have more than 1 main objective, however choosing more than 3 will cause problems. If you have many desired outcomes break them down into 'essentials' and 'nice to haves'. And then list them according to priority. Realistically if your list is more than 12 items long you won't find a system that offers every feature you want but by deciding your priorities in advance you can select the system which offers the best possible fit. Phase 2 - Research How Your Data Is Currently Managed Aim your investigation squarely at the data which is most important to meeting your key objectives. And in the process try to be open minded (and non-judgmental), it will make your staff more co-operative. Whether your staff are using excel, outlook or even relying on an old fashioned Rolodex, make sure you ask them why they use those methods, what they like about them and finish with what they think could improve company data management You should be able to identify features your staff would appreciate in a new system and flag any obvious inefficiencies' that should be avoided. Change is a funny thing, sometimes your team will instinctively resist change even though all the evidence shows that the changes will make their life easier in the long run. By including your team in the client database set up and selection process you encourage them to buy into the new software. Instead of fighting the change their attitude will be more like 'I had a say in this change so I better make the most of it'. This will mean a much more successful uptake and overall implementation. Phase 3 - Selecting The Best Client Database For You You have your list of objectives, you have your staff input and now all you need is the system to make all your dreams come true!. Yes, shopping for technology can be fun but keep your objectives at the forefront of your mind when evaluating potential client databases. Don't allow yourself to be distracted by cool 'state of the art' features that aren't directly relevant to your desired outcome. Although I'm loathe to make recommendations about software (as each organization is different) the best fit for around 80% of companies will be a web based client database. Web based systems require less set up, can be used with your existing hardware, are more affordable and typically have more user friendly interfaces. In addition they have higher security and data backup protocols Earlier we talked about getting your staff to 'buy in' to the new technology. Another way to boost staff participation is by having them test run a few systems. Ask them what features they liked, what they hated and how it would change their daily work?. They will be the people who actually use the client database, so any feedback they provide will be invaluable. One final thing to look at before you decide on a solution is the provider themselves. It is not just about the right 'technology' you need a provider who understands your business and can help you meet your business objectives. Look for a provider who can give you the appropriate level of support to achieve your goals and who is knowledgeable enough to show you how to use the system to meet your specific agenda. If the exact system you want doesn't exist yet, then finding a great provider is even more important, as they can help you customize the client database software to meet your specific requirements. Bear in mind customization can be costly, so limit yourself to your primary objectives when making changes and learn to live without the 'nice to have' features.
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Canon MP830 Printer and Toner Review Info

The Canon Mp830 is an all in one printer which allows you to print copy and scan. Each feature is user-friendly and is suitable to multitask. Also the small size of the unit makes it perfect for an at-home office or even a smaller or medium sized business. If you are looking to save space or you have limited space to spare this is the model to buy for that. The nice design is small and compact as well as enhances the professional look of your office. The list of features keeps going. One feature it has is the ability to scan a two sided document page which flaunts its advanced technology in automatic document feeding. This printer is capable of printing at high speeds of 30 pages per minute while retaining the quality of the print. If you compare the print quality to the print quality of other devices of the same caliber, this one will win hands down. If you are looking for photo quality, this is the printer to choose. Its application is widened to be used by semi-professional photographers even. The resolution is 9600 x 2400 dots per inch which cannot be paralleled by any other company's device. Of course it is an all-in-one printer which allows it to receive faxes. The technology it possesses enables the printer to save 100 speed dials and 250 faxes that are incoming. This allows the printer to get faxes up to 250 even if it isn't printing. If the cartridge is low or malfunctioned it will hold the fax in the memory and print it when it comes out. You can also print on many different paper types. The Mp830 can hold up to 300 sheets of paper in the trays at one time. It can scan colored and black and white documents and photographs which utilizes its optical lens. This particular device is commonly used as a scanner for photos which can be printed with such amazing clarity. This is a versatile machine and can handle printing almost all the same printing tasks in your office as any other printer but can do it better. This piece of equipment is worthy of any office and will be money well spent. It will guarantee you high quality service and flexibility. Not only will you be impressed with the features, quality and abilities but the price will impress you as well. This Canon model is said to be perfect by many users.
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Monday, 11 February 2013

Xerox Printer Model Selection

Almost everyone has heard of the brand name Xerox as it has become a leading brand over time. Xerox printers have under gone years of improvements to create items that have shown popular trends with little to no faults. The overall user will forever use their products as they perform exceptionally and are constantly upgrading to remain at top of the line quality. Their product line consists of many models offering styles for personal or business use to be found among the mass. So, what are some of these specific models you can expect to find in the Xerox selection? Two styles that are most frequently purchased are those that are in their color or black and white multifunction selection. Color multifunction printers are often prized because they can print black and white also. Models can be found for individual use, small groups, or even large businesses all contain scanners, copiers, and fax machines. Some can even have over 10 users connected and sending print jobs to the same machine at the same time. Upper end models can promise over 30 pages to be printed in just a minute. Other features are being able to take advantage of the scanner and having outcomes sent directly to your email. Black and white multifunctions have similar traits, but their upper end models are capable of reaching 50 pages per minute. This can really enhance group productivity. Paper feeders can hold large amounts of paper, around 50, which can give you the freedom to do other things while printing. Other models are those that are referred to as tabloid size. This selection will give you the choice to use other sizes of paper rather than a standard letter sheet every time. Depending on the cost you pay for your machine you can have pages flying out in sums of 80 per minute at times. As price goes up on Xerox printers, so does speed. Tabloid size models are also great for holding large sums of paper. Even their least expensive model will comfortably seat over 2,000 sheets. Choosing one of these printers to be responsible for your important documents and photographs should not involve you having to settle. If only one Xerox model was available, chances are a large percentage of people would be unhappy. In home "printers" need the freedom to buy a compact, easy use printer if they so desire. On the other hand, businesses need the selection of large machines that will print hundreds of pages at a time. The unneeded hassles that would come with out having options would make printing an undesirable process. Taking advantage of what has been created will only make your life easier. Xerox is there to lighten your load, not to enhance it.
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IBM Printer Models And Toner

What kind of printer are you? Do you print everyday or just on rare occasion when random events call for it? Are you printing documents or wanting good quality photographs to come out? When searching for your printer, these are questions you must ask yourself in order to find a good match for the tasks you need accomplished. IBM, one of many competing brands, can provide people with printers containing an array of tasks that can be performed. They make products offering consistency and accessible toner replacements to their users at affordable rates. You are bound to discover the exact IBM item that defines the kind of "printer" you really are. To cover the bases before reading up on the different IBM models, you can be sure that maintaining your printer's toner is extremely simple. After all, why even invest in a printer that brings a variety of obstacles to jump just to keep it running? Toner can be found for all the following models, not just in your neighboring stores, but online as well. Choose from OEM or compatible toners who both provide products to fit swiftly in to IBM printer models, new and old. Whether you want an IBM brand toner or a recycled compatible toner you can expect the quality you imagined you would get from your printer. Now let's see if IBM printer models sounds as good to you as their toner... Most of the IBM models are designed for restaurant and business use. One group of these specific models is subcategorized in to three groups being suremark single-station, suremark dual-station, and suremark three-station. Single station models are what you commonly see servers or cashiers using to retrieve receipts. Their models will give you the most of your paper roll by providing a support to ensure maximum use. They will also keep record of transactions, making inventory easy to manage. You can easily find room for these as their size is compact. Even hang them from your wall! The dual-stations provide all of the previously stated and much more. They have nearly a 100% record of accuracy. One of the quickest machines for receipt printing. Three-stations are simply just a little more fancy. They will work with your checks and your receipts. You can set an option so that all your receipts have your company logo or address. With checks, you can print employee or business checks with a professional look. For those looking for a compact machine that will print on letter size paper as well as receipts, there is a model known as the SurePOS printer. Similar to the three-station printer listed above, it can print receipts and checks extremely fast. The positive thing about having a spot for letter size paper is that you can do other things like print invoices and inventory. There designed to work for long intervals rapidly as business can be hectic at times. Maximize your service and minimize your wait time with these reliable IBM printers.
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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Find Out Why the Asus 1015px Is a Super Little Netbook That You Must Own

In this article I shall be reviewing the Asus 1015px netbook. If you're not sure to what a netbook is let me explain. What is a netbook? Netbooks are described as being small, lightweight and inexpensive laptops. When they were first introduced in 2007 they were less expensive that your usual laptop and they also had less computing power. Fast forward to 2012 and technology has advanced and so have and the Asus 1015px netbook is a great example of this. Netbooks usually omit features that take up too much room and the biggest example of this is that netbooks don't have optical drives. This allows netbooks to be much smaller in size and weight. Some people may find this a disadvantage, I don't however as most software or files are available via digital download these days. Netbooks also have different operating systems from Laptops and other computer systems. For example the Asus 1015px netbook has Windows 7 starter as an operating system. The reason for this is because netbooks often have lower spec hardware compared to desktop computers. What is included with the 1015px netbook? When opening the netbook box you will find the following items:
  • Power Cable
  • Asus 1015px Netbook
  • Asus 1015px battery
  • User Manuals and warranty form
  The first thing that I noticed when I opened the netbook box was the power cable. It is different from most power cables as it is in a strange shape, having said that I do like it. The power cable feels well-built and has a blue LED light on the side of it that tells you when your netbook is charging. After noticing the power cable it was finally time to check out my new netbook. I first had to peel off a lot of the protection that came with the device. Once this was done I inserted the 1015px battery and turned the netbook on to set it up. The setup of the netbook took around 10 minutes maybe less. USB ports, Jacks and everything else The Asus 1015pc comes with 3 USB ports which are useful if you're the type of person who likes to do work while on the move. You can save, open and edit documents on your way to work with the 1015px and then save them to your USB pen and no one will know any different. This is also a good idea for students looking to get last minute work/revision done on a deadline. A shared headphone/microphone jack is also present along with a SD card reader which allows you to upload your images taken direct from a digital camera. Netbook web browsing You may want a netbook for carrying out work or homework while commuting or you simply may want a device that allows you to connect to the internet while you're out of the house, whatever your reason you will be glad to know that the web browsing capabilities of the Asus 1015px are good. I didn't think that the device would hold up to high definition web videos but it sure did. Watching 720p HD videos on YouTube wasn't a problem for this little netbook. Full 1080p HD videos also displayed but the results weren't brilliant but that was expected. Other web browsing such as checking emails and social networks worked fine and this was a relief because it will now make every day commuting much more enjoyable for me. One thing that lets this netbook down is the poor webcam and if you're looking for a netbook with a good built in webcam then you may want to think of purchasing an additional webcam to go along with this netbook. The 0.3 megapixel webcam is very poor and I really think Asus shouldn't have bothered to include it. I for one don't use webcams so it is not a problem for me, but if you're dead set on getting one then don't expect much from the built in one on the Asus 1015px. The 1015px Keyboard Netbooks have smaller keyboards than laptops and desktop computer keyboards and initially I was put off by this so when my netbook arrived I was eager to try it out. The 1015px keyboard is smaller like I was expecting but the difference between netbook vs. laptop is minimal at best. The Asus 1015px has good quality keys and I got familiar with the layout very quickly. So if you're looking for a netbook or a laptop don't let a smaller keyboard put you off because honestly there's not much of a difference. Asus 1015px Touchpad The touchpad on this netbook is of a similar size of many laptops that I have used, I liked this because it meant I didn't have to adjust my workflow to using this netbook. The touchpad is responsive and has two parts to it. The left hand side navigates the mouse and the right hand side allows you to scroll up and down the page while web browsing or working within documents. IPhone users will also be glad to know that you can zoom in and out on a page using the same "pinching" technique as you do on the iPhone. Underneath the touchpad is the left and right button key and out of the entire keyboards layout this is the function that I dislike the most. I don't dislike it because it's only one button I actually like that but I dislike the quality of the plastic used. It may seem picky but the plastic button just feels cheap, it also wobbles a little. All the other keys feel and look nice but the biggest one that stands out looks out of place. The Speakers The speaker system on this netbook isn't great and I didn't expect them to be as most netbooks don't have quality speakers on them and there are a few reasons for this. One of the reasons is that netbooks primarily aren't built to be entertainment systems. Their built to allow people to carry out work on the move. The second reason is to save space. Netbooks save space by putting the speakers on their underside. This underside is what rests on your legs and this leads to the sound being muffled. You shouldn't be put off by this though because if you plug in a pair of head phones into the headphone jack I found that the audio quality was good up until the maximum volume where the sound became a bit fuzzy. Battery Life The main reason why I purchased the Asus 1015px netbook was because of its long life battery. Asus, Amazon and various other retail outlets all have the battery life at 11 hours. This is one of the highest battery life on the market and I personally needed this because I am often out of the house for long periods of time. From testing I can tell you that you won't get 11 hours of usage out of this laptop and it's more like 9 hours. From various tests of using different applications you can see battery life performance below.
  • Watching Multimedia - 7 to 8 hours
  • General Web Browsing - 9 Hours
  • Office work - 8.5 hours
  With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth switched off I still couldn't reach the 11 hours of advertised battery life, so I was a little disappointed but having said that 9 hours of work on one charge is more than enough for me. How the Asus 1015px holds up against others Compared to other Asus models, this is how the 1015 battery life compares. (Higher value means better)
  • 1005HA - 8.5 Hours
  • 1018P - 8 Hours
  • 1215N - 7 Hours
  • 1011PX - 4.5 Hours
  • 1015PX - 11 Hours
  As you can see, the 11 hours above is much higher than any of the other netbooks in its category. Obviously all these numbers should be taken with a pinch of salt because there is no true way of knowing how long their batteries actually last without getting my hands on them all and testing them. It is also worth noting that some of the netbooks mentioned above are far more expensive than the 1015px yet they have a smaller battery life. Asus 1015px Cooling system Generally any computer that goes on your lap causes a heat build-up. This is usually because the ventilation is poorly designed. I don't know if the 1015px has a good ventilation system or that the size on the netbook makes a difference but I have noticed that little to no heat comes from this netbook. The fan is also very quiet and I find this a bonus because I do a lot of my work on public transport and having a noisy computer wouldn't be welcomed among the other passengers. Overall Performance When purchasing the 1015px netbook I didn't expect it to run the latest video games at the highest frame rate but I also didn't want the netbook to be slow when running multiple programs and thankfully it isn't. The 1.66GHz duo core processor allows me to edit images, listen to music and write up reports with ease. This is all I wanted the netbook for and it performs these tasks without a problem. I do recommend upgrading the RAM on the machine to 2GB, it's a simple process that takes less than 5 minutes to do and it's also very affordable. The RAM upgrade is well worth it in my opinion and allows the 1015px to run more efficiently. The small cost of upgrading the RAM makes me wonder why this netbook doesn't come with 2GB of RAM as standard and I think this is something ASUS really should look into. Positives of the 1015px netbook
  • Light Weight
  • Nice Matt Design
  • Great Battery Life
  • Big hard disk drive (250gb)
  • Good performance
  Disadvantages of the 1015px netbook
    • No direct access to hard drive. This means you won't be able to upgrade the hard drive without taking the bottom of the netbook off. You probably won't need to upgrade it though as the hard drive has a good amount of storage on it.
    • Rubbish webcam
  • Windows 7 starter operating system. The windows 7 operating system isn't great and in my opinion is more like windows light but having said that it does the job.
  Final Conclusion Overall the Asus 1015px is a great little netbook that has a solid build and good performance, along with a big hard disk and a duo core processor that tackles everyday tasks efficiently. If you want a netbook that has a great battery life, allows you to browse the web and carry out work on the go then I highly recommend the Asus 1015px netbook.
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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Brother 8085DN Printer and Toner Review

The Brother 8085DN is a highly rated printer used by many medium sized businesses due to its impressive high output ability and multifunction. This device will show you what it really means to get work done in accordance to quickness, efficiency, tolerance and durability. The high output of this company really allows a company to soar without costing a lot. This is because the printer is built to conserve energy. When it is not in use it shuts itself down until another command is given. Whether it is off for five minutes, or an hour it will stay shut down in its toner saving mode with the ability to heat up quickly to make perfect copies in an instant. The glass plate also has ample room for documents to scan or copy up to legal-sized documents too. This allows you to scan larger or smaller documents as well as change the size to smaller down to 25 percent or larger up to 400 percent and use the printer software to edit. You can make up to 99 copies at a time and sort them into groups either from your USB port or from one of your 20 connected networks. Those networks can be computers, phones or other devices. This is a high quality machine printing at 1200 x 1200 dpi which yes is the same as a lot of other machines but with the combination of the rich quality of the toners it is unstoppable. Every print will look just as saturated as the last without overusing the ink. The toners last. This means that you will get your money's worth and then some out of each cartridge and also have the option to continue in black and white when a color runs out. This is so you do not skip a beat in your business during emergency situations. If one color goes out in the toner that doesn't mean that they all have to go out. You can have one cartridge replaced while finishing off your other colors. This way you get the most for your money and reserve resources at the same time. The high-quality prints that come out of this are quickly done at speeds of 32 pages per minute. It has full duplex capability with automatic two-sided print copy and scanning built in networking for legal-size documents. It has a 50 page capacity to feed automatically into the copier. Also, you have a 250 sheet capacity paper tray and a 50 sheet capacity multi-purpose tray which will allow you to print custom paper sizes and letterhead. The USB allows you to directly print from your flash memory drive. Brother has thought of everything to fulfill all your printing needs.
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Friday, 8 February 2013

The Impact of Gamification

Technology experts held a summit last week at CES regarding the state of tech and children in the home. The Kids at Play and Mommy Tech conference (and exhibits) looked at current issues and products that are affecting the future of digital game embracing children. Among the topics at the conference was the subject of digital games and their role in bringing up intelligent generations. "Gamification" was the subject of Games for Change co-president Asi Burak's keynote speech. An introduction for the keynote stated: "Gamification is this year's buzzword when it comes to raising smart kids." Games for Change is a New York based non-profit organization created to help further the development of social games that impact society in healthy ways. The company engages in projects that generate awareness of economic, environmental and social issues through games and other media. One of their larger projects is an annual 'festival' (convention) that brings together non-government (NGO,) government, and corporate groups along with game developers and designers for the purpose of creating and promoting games that generate social awareness. A major goal for the company is to "bridge the gap" between these types of games and the more commercial driven games. The next festival will be held in June. defines gamification as "the concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging." In gamification study, regularly used game design techniques and mechanics are defined and introduced into atypical game scenarios. An example is the game Trash Tycoon where the player has been left behind in a city abandoned because of its extreme garbage problem. The player takes time to build a trash collecting empire that incorporates recycling and organic trash collection solutions often seen in real-life situations. The game employs the popular game mechanic of community collaboration as it is played on Facebook. Tycoon games ( business simulating games ) are not new in the gaming world. Almost every recreation-based industry has been gamified; amusement park building games are at the top of the list. The challenge is to gamify and make entertaining the industries and global-situations that are impacting the world and the future, a daunting task, but one that has made great strides over the past decades. There are many of us that now have a greater understanding and appreciation of city planning and its challenges thanks to the popular Sim-City series of games. Another success story: Food Force is a game published by the United Nations World Food Program where the player goes on missions to help a famine-affected country. Since its creation, it has been educating players about how civil war and drought affect populations in other parts of the world. The power of the digital game has been recognized. Games have always been implemented in effective education curriculums for children. Summits like the one held at CES last week and conventions held by groups like Games for Change are helping groups with non-commercial interests in game development keep their game players interested and educated.
Jay Allen posts online games on his website that are safe, fun and suitable for kids.

How to Filter Content You Can Use Legally

Today the Internet is widely being used by most of the business organizations in order to explore new business methods. It is also used in most of the business functions by the employees, educational institutions to find new ways of providing knowledge to the students. But another problem arises that whether people are browsing safe, secure and unrestricted web content. Various organizations are using the web content filtering services to prevent the users to access to the inappropriate sites. They use these services offered by different IT support firms for blocking the unhealthy content. The concerned filters are developed for denying access to any kind of adult or explicit content that can harm the operations of the business. Many filters have demerits as sometimes they prevent to access the required content. The filtering commands are organized by a central entity through any software on a PC and can also be implemented on the connecting points of the network like routers/proxy servers. Some filter programs have inbuilt settings set as default that prevent those things observed by it as offensive although the content is not as it is considered by the software. Extra care should be taken while customization of the program to filter out the restricted content. They can be classified according to their use in business organizations and other institutions where there is a proper arrangement of network management. The first filter program that can be used on a computer after installation and we can customize it according to our use. It can be turned off by using a password to access it. There is some content limited ISP that allows access to only a small part of web content. It checks the sites time to time and sort according to appropriateness. Some filters are also applied to the server side to confirm that the users are following the defined policies. Another type of filter we find on the search engines and they have the options like turn off and on the safety filters. But there is a limitation in this if the URL is put in the search engine the site can be accessed. The web content filter program is automatically filtering the results at any time a search process is done and internet is connected. It continuously monitors your PC at every time from malicious content on the web. A good web filter program is efficient enough to prevent the daily updated and added malicious material over the web.
Annant Kumar Singh is working as a Digital Marketing Executive in ProVal Technologies. It is providing server management and IT support to its clients and work as their own IT department. It gives a free and relaxing atmosphere by taking charge of the technical issues proactively.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Reviewing Brother DCP-808DN Pritner and Toner

The DCP-808DN Multi-Function copier with duplex printing and networking is an office legend. Its extreme list of functions combined with its durable quality make for the perfect printer to provide for you every possible office need solution. From high paper holding capacity to large networking capability, you will have the options you need to bump your business up to the next level. With print and copy speeds up to 32 pages per minute and automatic duplex printing, you can have large workloads done in an instant while saving on your budget. The high resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi will allow those fast prints to come out looking as good as they get as far as printing from a professional printer can get. With stand alone copying and 50 page capacity for auto document feeding for multi-page documents you can have large workloads finished quickly just simply by plugging in your USB information stick and walking away after the press of a button. The 250 sheet capacity letter/legal paper tray plus the 50 sheet multi-purpose tray for envelopes, letterhead, labels and card stock will set you up for the perfect do-it-yourself printer that you can literally let do itself. This high-performance machine has faster prints and higher quality copies than most other printers available right now. Its features and impressive user-friendly navigation screen will have you covered before you even know you need something. It is so simple to use that you will feel like you will never need another printer. Whether you have a high maintenance business or a simple low maintenance one, the 8080DN will keep all your expectations met. You will be able to upgrade if anything is to come to your attention that you need a higher demand. The paper capacity is already large, but however it is further expandable. It features an adjustable 250-sjeet capacity paper tray which can take legal sized paper but it has the option to also upgrade to a second 250 sheet tray. It is available to increase your total paper capacity with the 50 sheet multipurpose tray for a total of 550 sheets. There are many different features that Brother allows you to use to make sure all areas are covered as far as office needs. They make sure that everything is as cost-efficient as possible for you to work with simple stress-free printing. Printer toner refills can be found online and in stores.
Brother DCP 8080DN Toner Discount Toner Cartridges

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Importance of IP Assembly Is Ever Growing

Despite there being a worldwide recession in full effect the demand for portable multi function devices is growing massively. There are three main benefits that SOC brings that makes them desirable to use with mobile devices. Size, Functionality and Energy consumption. In order to maximise the number of features and range of functionality of these devices and to extend the battery life as far as possible manufacturers turn to SOC or system on chip designs. The variety of SOC designs are multiplying in line with the devices. Every new iteration brings with it new features that require new chip designs to handle them optimally. Of course it is not practical nor is it economically viable to build a new chip design from scratch every time a new variant of the iPhone comes out. This is where IP assembly comes into play. Most system on chip designers will take previously established intellectual property and recombine or restructure it to create additional functionality. Generally the IP assembly will be made up from the companies own stock of IP and sometimes IP licensed from external companies, depending on the companies intention and size. The IP can be thought of as being stored in blocks like Lego. Each block represents a separate functionality. These blocks can be attached together to create a larger construction that has all the functionality of the blocks it contains. While this method is generally more cost effective than designing a whole chip from the ground up it is quite a bit more difficult than simply sticking pieces of Lego together. This can be seen in the amount of hardware changes that are generally made with IP assembly chips. They are very limited. Many companies take fully fledged chip designs and apply almost no hardware changes and instead focus on streamlining the interface programming. The idea is to focus on niche use and ensure a product that works best for its intended function rather than trying to create SOC's that provide totally unique or unprecedented functionality. The chip would be then sold on the few features that differentiate it from the rest of the chips that share the majority of its design. Considering the huge effort required to ensure each of the IP 'blocks' in the IP assembly process communicate with each other properly. It is not necessarily clear that the verification process is lessened any by using existing IP. Since IP assembly has become such a commonplace practice IP integration platforms have been developed to assist the planning of the IP assembly process. These can save not only on time but also on costs by reducing the likelihood of expensive respins being needed. As these systems become more effective and efficient they will allow manufacturers to integrate ever more complex IP at ever lower cost. They can also increase the robustness of chip designs by sorting and logging errors in previous designs and highlighting where they may occur in later designs. With SOC design continuing at pace IP assembly seems to be a distinct area of industry growth.
Gene Baker is an author of articles in a variety of areas including IP assembly. See for more information on IP assembly.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lexmark X658DFE Multifunction Laser Printer and Toner

The Lexmark X658DFE Multifunction Laser Printer is designed for the large business. Between its features and its energy saving mode it really allows a business to relax and let the machine take over. With quality service and machine work able to handle high output, it really is a printer that is worthy of any situation. It has functional features such as fantastic finishing which divides documents up to 50 pages each into stapling piles and has the ability to do self organization. This particular model is multitalented with copying. It has a range of ideal functions that are advanced in comparison to other printer brands. They will boost productivity as well as enhance the quality of the prints. You can benefit from double sided printing and similar features that allow for your company to save money and boost productivity. Priority copying is another feature that will advance you too. You can temporarily interrupt orders to print a priority file in between before resuming. It will print the last page, hold off while it prints the new one and then go back to the original file. You can use the sample copy feature to test out the first page of your function before you continue with the entire command. To get all of these functions finished, this printer has a uniquely large touch screen display which is fully featured with colors and allows for fast easy access to document printing. It will keep your work flow moving quickly with its accessibility and user friendly functions. You can pre-set functions that are tailored to your business requirements personally for quick and easy shortcuts that you will need most. You can even change the wallpaper on the screen to your logo or any other image you like. The screen even allows for previews. If you are looking to use the USB port to print from directly, you can load your files up and correct and edit right on the large screen to your liking. It boosts efficiency to not have to go into your computer to do functions that could take you a fraction of the time when just using the printer. Depending on the file size it could be loads easier just to use the printer. The email features are incredible on this machine. You can avoid traffic jams on your network by emailing large files from the printer. The traffic-shaping technology can help organize your network and designate lower bandwidth for output. The Lexmark X658DFE Multifunction Laser Printer features really display quality and convenience. The printer is built to make your business run more smoothly and with more efficiency.
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Monday, 4 February 2013

Why Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges?

Compatible printer ink cartridges have become a popular choice among consumers. The reason is simple, there are many outstanding manufacturers of the compatible ink cartridges and the cost is much cheaper than the manufacturer's model for their printer, fax machine or all-in-one machine. What You Can Expect From Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges What you can expect, will depend on where you shop. When shopping through a reputable online supplier that offers high quality products, you can expect printer ink cartridges and laser tone cartridges that are every bit as good as the manufacturer's cartridges. Shopping online provides a savings in more than one way. First, the printer one presented to you are at a discounted price, and second you save time and traveling expense of having to travel to the office supply store to purchase the items. This alone is a great value. But, more importantly is the quality of the compatible one. What you can expect from compatible printer ink cartridges is cost efficient, easy to replace, made specifically for specific models, ink dries quickly, clean replacement, sharp tones and colors, long cartridge life, and lasting color. While the number one reason that people choose the compatible the number one reason is the cost. When you consider that with a high quality compatible cartridge for your printer there is little difference, if any, between it and the manufacturer's brand, there is little reason to opt for the manufacturer's brand. When purchasing the compatible one, you will find that they are available in the colors of the manufacturer's brand. This means, you will have the black ink, the magenta, cayenne, and yellow. You will also find that they can be purchased singly or in multipacks. In the past, many consumers steered away from the compatible ink cartridges. This was simply because of not being informed and having false misconceptions that the ink cartridges not of high of a quality could harm their machine, were cheaply made, and so on. Today, many consumers know that these are myths and that compatible one can be of very high quality and are the ideal cartridge for your machine. While there are many different suppliers on the net, you will find a difference in the suppliers and it is important to choose a supplier that has the reputation and product that is outstanding. How to Choose the Best Supplier of Compatible Ink Cartridges When you begin to shop on the net, look for a supplier that has a variety of cartridges to choose among. Reputable suppliers will not only have their contact information provided so that you can contact them, they will have everything intact, such as their terms and policies, their return policy, their shipping policy and so on. The company should provide complete detail about their products and note which machines the cartridges are compatible with. The ideal supplier will have all this information provided and will offer their ink cartridges at a competitive price on the Internet if not a cheaper cost than other suppliers. The most important consideration, however, is quality and reputability of the vendor.
Compatible printer ink cartridges and laser tone cartridges can be purchased online at Combo Ink.
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